10 Awesome software tips for the Huawei Nova 2i!

If you own a Huawei Nova 2i or any other recent Huawei smartphone with the EMUI skin, you're going to find this video extremely useful! Dedicated camera video - https://goo.gl/wQLDwd My unboxing of the Huawei Nova 2i - https://youtu.be/kF6yqQYne_o Twin apps video on the Galaxy Note 8 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62CyvJM7Hs4& ► Huawei Nova 2i Giveaway - https://goo.gl/RVe7hf ► Huawei Nova 2i Software Tips - https://goo.gl/gMAqCp ► Huawei Nova 2i Camera Guide - https://goo.gl/BRmGby ► Huawei Nova 2i Video Test - https://goo.gl/bn8J6m ► Huawei Nova 2i Unboxing - https://goo.gl/3y5Qak ► Huawei Nova 2i Top 10 Games - https://goo.gl/rfjUhg ► Huawei Nova 2i Android Oreo Update Installation and Walkthrough - https://goo.gl/cCVWsp ► All my Huawei Nova 2i Videos - https://goo.gl/wRDfF7 Stay tuned on Social Media for the latest updates from me. Subscribe to the Andro Dollar Youtube channel for more awesome and exclusive videos and stay tuned to https://www.androdollar.com for the latest from the Tech World. Don’t forget to share! ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Checkout the Andro Dollar Network - https://www.network.androdollar.com Check out the Andro Dollar Tech Blog - https://www.androdollar.com Check out the Andro Dollar Services - https://www.services.androdollar.com ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Contact Info - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AndroDollar Twitter - https://twitter.com/androdollar Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+AndroDollar/posts My Personal Contact Info - Personal Website - www.banu.androdollar.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/banuathuraliya Twitter - https://twitter.com/banuathuraliya Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+BanuAthuraliya Feel free to contact me at anytime.


  1. Buy the Huawei Nova 2i Tempered Glass screen protector - https://goo.gl/4Bk5XM
  2. Useless tips
  3. Watching this with my Nova 2I blue
  4. uhm. where can i download that wallpaper of yours the one @ 1:22? it's lit af.
  5. I'm not gonna lie Huawei camera are the best
  6. xoxx
  7. photos are not visible after i went to -2 degrees its crushing
  8. i just bought huawei nova 2i. lol
  9. How to get face effect on camera mode ? Please👏🏻
  10. Does nova 2i have hidden app settings?
  11. My theme doesn't have category please help mee
  12. how to enable led notification for message or other apps?
  13. is nova 2I is VR supported or not...???
  14. I jus discovered mini screen view on my nova 2i and Google Assistant
  15. How to hide apps plz do vedio on this
  16. Yay thanks for the Info I already Buy 2 Huawei Nova 2i total cosr 600$ buts its worth it.
  17. The camera is definitely not a good deal especially at night
  18. Definitely I'll share with my friends because its very useful and myself and my friends are using Nova 2i
  19. You need to shave man damn
  20. Nice

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