10+ Power-user tips & tricks for Google Chrome on Android

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  1. Dolphin is best have ad block chrome no?!
  2. He speaks so fast that l can't catch up with him. He should have spoken slower as i am just a beginner.
  3. Tamil La sollunga Pada Sami
  4. Yo how to watch streaming vids fullscreen??
  5. Ahhhhh I have a Iphone plz dont send me to jail!!
  6. Tap on word to search doesn't work on my chrome.... Any suggestions 🤔
  7. Hi, thanks for the tips, i have a question if i may, i recently installed the latest update of android oreo to my galaxy j5 and was watching a movie on a website on chrome, and I accidentally returned to the homescreen but with the movie screen size minimized smaller like on YouTube when you can play a video while browsing, i don't know how i did it and really would like to know how, so if you or anyone can tell me how it would be greatly appreciated
  8. Man , I know more than you in this case , I've fully customised my chrome browser , you've just showed the basics dude , show something new !
  9. 0:28 that's not work anymore..
  10. That enable chrome gome thing doesn't show up. S7 edge user here 🖑
  11. I want to remove the tabs button (square button with numbers". Is it possible?
  12. chrome without a good Adblocker is useless to me. i would love if they bring ublock origins with chrome. then i will switch
  13. Like it
  14. Gs 😁👏👌👍
  15. chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home
  16. I'm Sk.usman... i live in the westbangal. Kharagpur
  17. At 5:12 of this video it shows your favorite sites under your google search bar in your web browser....how did you do that...alot of people have trouble with this..can you help
  18. ???

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