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  1. oh you dont know. got me thinking that im crazy. thank you beautiful!!!💙💙🌹🌹💙🌹
  2. oh god yes! i would love too see that video of how a favour from someone changes their perspective about you!!! pleasye layan! live every video i watched from your channel <3
  3. she uploaded this on my birthday ;D hehehe
  4. More vids like these
  5. Please make the video!!!!
  6. that new kind of videos are really great...and the next one really intrigues me (even if i think i have a part of the answer)
  7. at some point, everyone stereotypes something or someone else.
  8. Do more videos i love you you're the best and since i've first saw one of you're videos my life has changed in a positive way! greetings from germany
  9. You get my point
  10. Sorry the spelling
  11. Are you psychologist?
  12. I believe people are possessed with demon entity that control our mind, dispite of that its something else are not yourself.
  13. that's a hard one when I was in school we did a experiment on something similar to that but it was with words the teacher spoke something and whisper it into a student ear by the time it got to the last person the message had changed by the way great video
  14. you are gonna make the next video anyway

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