4 PowerPoint Tricks You Don't Know

These 4 PowerPoint tricks will blow your mind (and will save you time when building your next PowerPoint presentation). 0:16 Breaking a PowerPoint table apart 1:23 Breaking PowerPoint SmartArt apart 2:14 Turning text into visual layouts 3:23 Instantly cropping and resizing your photos ★ SEE HOW TO SAVE 40 HOURS IN POWERPOINT http://bit.ly/Save-40-Hours ⚑ SPEED DEMONS SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/PPTSpeed POPULAR POWERPOINT RESOURCES I CREATED ► 886 free Icon Bundle Download: http://bit.ly/Free-Icon-Bundle ►120 PowerPoint Shortcuts PDF: http://bit.ly/PPT-Shortcuts ► 15 Storytelling Tips PDF: http://bit.ly/Story-Telling-Tips ► Nuts & Bolts Speed Training: http://bit.ly/PowerPoint-Speed-Training ———————————— POWERPOINT TRICKS OVERVIEW In this tutorial, you'll learn 4 advanced PowerPoint tricks that 99% of people is possible in PowerPoint including: #1: Breaking a table into shapes lines and text boxes using the MetaFile file format type This saves you from otherwise having to copy and paste your information out of your PowerPoint tables into separate text boxes or shapes. So the next time you are stuck with a table in PowerPoint, you can instead just break the table apart using this clever little trick. #2: Breaking SmartArt into shapes lines and text boxes This saves you time by allowing you to use SmartArt for what it's good for (generating new layout ideas for your slides) and then breaking it down into individual PowerPoint shapes that you can arrange and format however you see fit. The trick is realizing that SmartArt is just a grouped set of objects (pretty sneaky). #3: Breaking up a list of bullets This trick saves you a bunch of time by automatically turning long lists of text into visual layouts that you can then ungroup and format however you see fit (as demonstrated in the previous trick). #4: Resizing and Cropping Multiple Pictures in go In the same way you can throw text at SmartArt to have PowerPoint automatically generate layouts for you, you can do the same thing with your pictures, getting PowerPoint to automatically crop, resize and setup your pictures for you. This beats manually cropping photos any day of the week, and is a huge time saver! This tricks work in the latest versions of PowerPoint including: PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2010 PowerPoint 2013 PowerPoint 2016 PowerPoint 2019 (Office 365)


  1. Dude... seriously??? This is FREAKING Awesome!!!
  2. Thanks! Nice tips!!
  3. Super awesome! Love it indeed!
  4. Thanks a lot - all these days was struggling to align pics -doing it manually wasted time to get ths done - my sincere appreciations and thanks again .
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  6. I was today year's old when I learned how to instantly resize pics, thank you!
  7. Very bad all of us knows
  8. #4 is also my favourite. Keep up the good work!
    It's a shame that PPT - unlike resizing - only allows cropping for just 1 picture at a time.
    Q: I also would like to change the background of several pictures with a colour. Is this possibile in PPT?
  9. @nuts&bolts, would you be up learning more and reviewing about Office Bar102, an awesome add-in with over 400 macros. http://ppt.officebar102.com/.
  10. Like like like !!
  11. Well, Sir you got my like and sub after this video. Because as like most 98% of people I had no clue any of this was possible and would of saved me soooooooo much time on my last PowerPoint. But, at least I know for later now.
  12. that was an awesome!
  13. Major time savers!
  14. Really nice work. Thank you so much bro
  15. thanks a lot for sharing - lots of love from Sri Lanka
  16. #4 is excellent.
  17. very useful Taylor

  18. awesome! thanks alot. great ideas.
  19. Thank you you enlightens my head and save me hours of reshaping and structuring
  20. Trick 3 & 4 are really great.
    I have a doubt in fixing bullets in Main Master.
    I will mention the bullet size in cm below.
    Assume a circle. Bullet height & width: 22cm. I tried to fix in master slide. But it not looks nice like small size bullets.

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