4 Tips For Resizing Designs In Your Silhouette Software

In this video you'll learn four simple tips for accurately resizing designs in your Silhouette software. We'll discuss using these tips for both single piece designs as well as multi-piece designs! For more help with your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait, please visit http://www.NikkiInStitchesCraftAcademy.com. There you will find another free "Getting Started" video as well as information about my monthly "Crafting With Your Silhouette" program!


  1. This would be so wonderful if you had enabled the closed captioning. The deaf and hard-of-hearing community will have to look elsewhere. Bummer.
  2. or you can just go the scale option and set the actual size of you object
  3. Thanks for a great voice sound for hearing a boring matter! Not exactly what I am looking for, but it ´s a good trick! I want to have a shadow box resized from 11,3 x 11,3 to 8 x 10 in and It ´s a headache. that´s the link https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/view-shape/37572
  4. if I convert my PNG file to DXF would that change the file size when I imported it in Silhouette basics Studio
  5. Nice video and bonus (for me, anyway) you sound very like Judy Greer!
  6. Nikki, I think I can explain why objects are not the size you think they are... Its a little complicated but here goes. Let's say your object is a pumpkin and it measures 2 inches (one edge of the pumpkin to the other edge of the pumpkin). However, the "box" around the pumpkin is 3 inches... So there is a half inch between the pumpkin's edge and the box around this object (Assuming all is square). If you select the pumpkin in the scale function the size will be 3 inches (not 2 inches). In other words, Silhouette recognizes and measures the size of the box NOT the contents within it. Nevertheless, your tip for resizing objects is valid and useful. For what it's worth, I use Silhouette for custom stencils for air brushing.
  7. Thank you - perfectly and simply explained. Julie

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