4 useful PowerPoint Slide Show tricks you didn't know

http://offers.presentation-process.com/5-things-video-signup-ytb Learn 4 useful PowerPoint Slide Show tricks to deliver your business presentations with impact. These tricks are not usually known to business presenters. The 4 tricks you will learn in this video are: 1. How to zoom into your images in slideshow mode 2. How to convert your cursor into laser point 3, How to convert your cursor into a pen and finally 4. How to highlight certain part of your slide using Highlighter tool in the slide show mode in PowerPoint. These tricks take less than few seconds to understand and can make a significant difference to the way you make your business presentations. These techniques will also come in quite handy during your recorded videos too. If you liked our videos, please take a moment to like, comment and share. It is your comments that will encourage us to post more such videos.


  1. Hi! I tested the button to click on. It is not working though.
  2. When I click slide show button mode, then press CONTROL with SCROLL UP of mouse but picture does not zoom. Kindly guide but without Slide button it working zoom
  3. Ctrl + P prints the document and does not change to pen pointer. Can not figure out why yet.
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    Very superb communication skill.
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  13. Hi thanks for the useful tips but if we convert PPT into a video, will all these features remain is what I wanted to know
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  15. your videos are awesome
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  17. never knew it .cool
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  19. I've never heard of these tricks. Very cool.
  20. Ctrl +p is not working neither laser in 2007

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