6 Tips For Starting A Software Job

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  1. Very helpful
  2. Thank you for these! Very helpful
  3. hi! your videos are inspiring. thank you!
  5. great tips
  6. The title should be how to pass your 3-month probation.
  7. All good points, especialy the 5th one i had that bad habit.
  8. Great advice!!!
  9. Hey Sir Dave! I always watching your videos related to software development. Thank you for Sir Dave for your advices. God bless you always.
  10. Great one Dave.
  11. wow i didnt really think of #6. im guilty af over that.
  12. good channel bro
  13. Like sunlight and water and nutrition grow farms that produce visual arts and music and books grow chairpeople who invest like products and banking and engineering grow businesses that market. And like trees used to be seeds within fruits that used to be flowers businesses used to be values within products that used to be money...for a programmer painting as a variable and investment as a function is everything 24/7 beside engineering a business plan.

    Mohamed Mustafa/ Software engineer
  14. If i want to become a software developer and have worked three years as a software engineer will those 3 years count as software development work experience as well, since software engineering and developing are similar?
  15. very precious and valuable information really very useful, many thanks for sharing your life experiences.
  16. quality content everytime
  17. Spot on with all your points. After hours emails always seemed to me like try-hard behavior and sets up the expectation that everyone should be doing the same.
  18. Hi Dave, love your channel, you should do a video on how you used to study for your classes/ finals
  19. Hello Dave! About your 6th point. Can you recommend any title worth reading? Thank you .
  20. Thank you for getting to this, appreciate it! Great points! :)

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