Android TV as Fast As Possible

What's with all the buzz about Android TV? Should I care about it, or is all TV a thing of the past? Cooler Master message: Check out their products at and learn more at Twitter: Facebook: Join our community forum:


  1. seriously linus you looked like Michael Rosen on the thumbnail
  2. dont show your face too much rather content ;)
  3. Explain : Taptic engine
  4. is smart tv a retarded computer?
  5. Love u Linus your my spirit animal
  6. Android TV sucks. Please just sell me a "dumb" TV. I can stream everything/anything I want through my Roku.
  7. Great video I loved it ,but Could you make a video on what smart tv has more or better streaming tv apps?????
  8. Gotta say I really enjoyed your style in this video - so don't change or lose that! But - oh gee - I wish I could agree on the subject of Android. While my Mac is being serviced, I thought I'd play around with my SONY KD-55XD7005 which sits in the living room hardly being used. And after a day of near meltdown because of Android's "I wanna behave like a ZX81" performance, I'm currently seeking therapy after thoughts of televisual abuse started creeping into my mind. Here are the TEN STEPS I need to share with you, that I need to overcome in order to achieve Recovery (yeah - it would have been cool to have 12 STEPS, but I gave up in the end and went off and wrote some music instead!) So, here we go: 1) Why are the majority of apps in the Google Play Store incompatible with this device? If there is a compatibility issue between varying brands, how hard is it to add the courtesy of a filter so I'm not wasting my time trying to download apps that won't work on this device? 2) Why is finding Nemo easier than finding Google Play? 3) If I use the Google Play icon to search it NEVER finds what I'm looking for, insisting on offering me apps I didnt ask for, while searching Google Play via the Opera Browser doesn't seem to have a problem? 4) Why do I have to spend literally hours waiting for the 'device compatibility info' to make its mind up, and only after I've had to refresh the page a zillion times? 5) I'm currently using a physical USB keyboard, and I've tried every language short of Klingon but still can't find the right one that gives me a sterling pound sign and @ (ha ha! found that one at least now) sign which corresponds with the keys on the keyboard (a bog-standard Apple English UK USB keyboard, which Android lists correctly but seems unable to accommodate), why? 6) In the ongoing battle between the old Windows mouse I've been using and the TV remote for "screen supremacy" when it comes to actually activating my selection, which one is supposed to win, and how do I inform the loser by turning them off/disabling them? I currently navigate around with the mouse, and then it's a shoot-out between the OK button of the remote and the left click of the mouse as to which one will actually get things moving on the screen! 7) In Google Play (ahhh... if only it would!) when refreshing the install page of an app (any one of the zillion times) why does it automatically open back at the BOTTOM of the page? It's the app I'm trying to install, and the install button is at the TOP of the page, and if I'm already trying to install, doesn't it follow that I must be sold on the idea of having this app, so I don't actually NEED to see the comments - which are all I can see at the bottom!?? 8) Why are basic things like an email app that's compatible with this SONY just not there... anywhere... in Google Play? And this one's my favourite - 8) How is it possible, even conceivable, that the Facebook app IS compatible, but the Messenger app that comes with it and is not a problem in any other OS I have ever seen, IS NOT!?!?!? Result - I can see that people have messaged me on Facebook, but I can't reply! Well - that's not entirely true - I can reply - last night several of them got a long list of blue "Thumbs Ups" because I was trying in vain to hit a send button that just kept disappearing...! 9) Similarly, what use is Tor's Orbot (created specifically for Android) if the Android equivalent of Tor, Orfox, is not?? And finally 10) Who, in their infinite wisdom when designing Android, decided to put the two most used buttons in the entire menu - Settings and then Apps - at the BOTTOM of the list on the HOME menu and near the bottom on the Settings menu? Does the concept of being ergonomic just not exist in Silicon Valley..? There were others, such as why does the Right Click on a mouse just not exist in Android, so copying and pasting is a case of stabbing at then holding down on a link, in the hope those hideous green 'globs' appear and you get the copy/paste list, and it seems impossible to actually delete anything... anything... anywhere... ever.... at all... There's a trash can that came up a few times on the screen, but how to get to it, I know not, but by this point I'd given up the will to live and was searching for a pulse... So, and this is just a personal conclusion, you understand, but after my 24 hours of Android TV hell, I've come to the decision that, to deliberately mis-paraphrase the NRA: "the only solution to a TV with a bad OS, is to go do something more rewarding than watch TV..." Because this experience frankly made ticker-tape computers look good! Keep up the great work, love from London UK xx
  9. I must have missed the part where he explains how to run android tv as fast as possible. He must have been distracted by making dumb faces, stupid jokes and an overall mind blowingly cringy video
  10. Just tell us what the fuck it is..we already know what youre talking about
  12. Sexpeke is in this video
  13. I don't have a smart TV but I don't watch cable either. How do I apply this information to my ROKU device?
  14. LoL in 2018 we have 65" Nvidia Shield Android TV Without Latency xD
  15. My dude can i put android tv on my floor model tv? Oh & where can i find a usb adapter for my 1977 cadillac fleetwood? I just got new tiger print upholstery 👍
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  17. Never had cable or satellite tv. My parents never saw the value in it and even to this day still use bunny ears. We never had to cut the cord because we never had one. Ironic that in a way that was both behind and ahead of the times. My parents still have quite a collection of VHS (some bought, some recorded from TV). They have made some tech changes such as adding a DVD and Bluray player (given to them as gifts) and they are slowly coming onto Netflix although they only stream when other family is around to operate the remote.
  18. Good video. Thanks
  19. I search for a solution for stopping my tv spying on me, and I find a salespitch. You'll need to address the privacy issues that come with google services like android tv to give an honest overview. This is just an advertisement.
  20. So can i use android tv box to play emulators for nes and sega md etc? That sounds awesome :)

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