Building a Software Development Team: Three Hot Tips for Startups

Khurram Virani and Jake Hirsch-Allen, both partners at Functional Imperative, highlight the type of software development needs for a startup, and ways to find and retain the right team. MaRS -- Building Canada's next generation of global technology companies.


  1. 50/50 split is terrible since every choice for the company has to be unanimous. It's better to have an acting leader to have more of the directing
  2. Im new to programming and wondering if anyone wants to start a small team where we learn together and create apps and programs. It would be a good way to gain some experience and we may even make some successful things.
  3. This people know what they are talking
    great video.
  4. Fuck StackExchange.(i.e. StackOverflow). There is nothing there but egotistical, narcissistic racist teens and college kids there. Just look at their chat rooms. A bunch of immature kids on an ego trip and more often than not, they aren't even talking about programming. And if you are new to programming, I've noticed that mostly the American programming kids are quick to bully you. The talent there mostly dried up and moved on, because these low-level programmers are too busy trying stepping on everyone else that may not know a specific subject over another. 

    My professor told my class years ago something important. We had a student who thought he was the "wiz-kid." Every class, he was always so worried about proficiency with his "complex" inquiries. And in group projects, it was noticed that everything was always done his way.  About mid-semester, the professor told the class that he is going to be very valuable in the future, but nobody will want to hire him, because he can't work with others or listen to what other may have to say.
  5. Excellent video. But how do you hire and retain the experience developer?
  6. Nice video.

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