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  1. Happy Easter :) Shout out to you guys for getting here early!!! And shout out to the Late Squad! #SnapchatSquad #NotificationSquad #InstagramSquad #EasterSquad You all are the best! Can't wait to read all these comments :)))
  2. Pizza
  3. Noddles
  4. I’m a white person and I love spaghetti
  5. DangMattSmith you are my favorite YouTuber
  6. I can't read that
  7. At 3:01 The dude looks at Cleveland Brown
  8. Im doing a bibliography about north Carolina
  9. We eat the same stuff as anybody else would eat
  10. I like all of those things and I’m white
  11. ris
  12. I'm white and I love all them things
  13. I’m not white or black I am Hispanic
  14. Pizza is what I like
  15. Im black...well caramel and I dont like fried chicken,and cornbread
  16. I love your videos but I feel bad for the people who think that you’re videos are garbage
  17. 8:55 what is the name of the song can someone tell me??
  18. Casseroles lots of them
  19. 8:17 This Message serves to 0rove how are minds can do amazing things! Impressive things! In the beginning it was hard but your mind is reading it automatically with out even thinking about it, be proud! Only certain people can read this. Please forward if U can read this.

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