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  1. Happy Easter :) Shout out to you guys for getting here early!!! And shout out to the Late Squad! #SnapchatSquad #NotificationSquad #InstagramSquad #EasterSquad You all are the best! Can't wait to read all these comments :)))
  2. I have a dritey mind
  3. the first one is legs
  4. Tocee
  5. That WWTBAM question tho. Looks Racist.
  6. White peoples like chezzey stuf
  7. I said Alan Walker
  8. I in my sister bedroom in the house
  9. White beans
  10. 1:10 If i met ariana Grande
  11. White people have chicken zetti and brocolie
  12. does matt know the food one is from snl black jepordy
  13. kohl-aid
  14. Se Si
  15. 8:16 I can read it its so easy
  16. Who's watching In 2019?
  17. Addams,kleed
  18. 2018?
  19. I'm wite and I like fried chicken #blacklivesmatter
  20. Only some words messed up

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