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  1. Happy Easter :) Shout out to you guys for getting here early!!! And shout out to the Late Squad! #SnapchatSquad #NotificationSquad #InstagramSquad #EasterSquad You all are the best! Can't wait to read all these comments :)))
  2. "It could've been ditch, it could've been witch, it could've been make me a sandwich"
    Why not my name, Mitch?
  3. I’m a white kid but I love fried chicken kook aid watermelon all that stuff
  4. All of it
  5. Hey Matt do you have sex with butts because you won’t stop mentioning it
  6. 2:13
  7. A wenis is an elbow
  8. Pizza 🍕go to 2:22 and you’ll see what this answers to
  9. I got the leg one right
  10. Sunday I don’t like school
  11. Fried chicken
  12. 2:11 Its PIZZA
  13. White People like hotdogs and hamburgers
  14. Some kids in my fifth grade class had made up a song on career day. The song went like this...” What starts with an F and ends with UCK........ FIRE TRUCK!!!”
  15. PopcORN see what I did there
  16. I can't read I have dyslexia :> (My mom helps me read and type/write)
  17. Really late
  18. Then I am black
  19. 3:55 LOL 😂😂😂😂😂
  20. Fried chicken and watermelon

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