CNET How To - Make your Chromebook more PC-like Do you wish your Chromebook could feel a little more like a regular PC? Here are some simple tips on how to get a PC feel on your Chromebook.


  1. chrome OS is just pointless, you can't download, or do anything on it, this stupid thing is a piece of garbage espesially since I have the old one.
  2. Hey great video! I've had my pixelbook for 3 months and didn't know these tips. Thanks for posting!
  3. It worked 🥂🙂
  4. I love my Chromebook
  5. i won a chrome book at school but it sucks cause im a musician and i need windows
  6. It's bad that it has EOL.
  7. is Chromebook supports Photoshop cs6.
  8. 1. On the second Tuesday of each month, turn off your Chromebook and for an hour, fume about not being able to do any work.
    3. Every 3 years, complain abut how slow your Chromebook has become. Take a day off to look at new Chromebooks. Go home and do noting for another day. Then randomly delete files for a few hours and then go back to work.
  9. I came here expecting registry edits and shit on how to make it look, sound, and feel like windows.
  10. chromebooks is a piece of shit
  11. How do I make preview work? I click space bar and nothing happens?!
  12. My school is selling used Chromebooks for only $25. For the price, it's a no-brainer to get it!
  13. i wish i asked for a windows or mac. -_- this damn CHROMEBOOK IS A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!
  14. i still cant believe i asked my mom and dad for this.....i didnt know this damn laptop would be a piece of crap. -_-
  15. People have been herded into the PC corral that they afraid to try something new.
  16. how can i feel lively when every day i exist is a lonesome batel towards the republic.
  17. VERY good video!
  18. poop
  19. Do you want to make having a Chromebook feel more like a WIndows PC? It's easy!!

    Start by cursing silently once every day for a minute. Turn it off one hour every Tuesday. Put aside $40/year for a good AV software subscription. and another $150 for the new machine and software that you assume you will need in 3 years.

    After 3 years, schedule a half day to shop and have someone to move your files to another Chromebook, and a couple of wasted days rediscovering how to use it.

    Then take that money and time and spend it on a vacation because your Chromebook works better than when it was new.
  20. This doesn't help

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