Computer Hardware & Software Tips : How to Overclock a Processor

Overclock a processor by turning on the computer, opening up the computer BIOS screen and stepping up the CPU frequency in small increments. Look at the CPU frequency multiplier to get a computer to run faster with help from a computer programmer in this free video on computer processors.


  1. talk about GREED ain't going to be satisfied if it had freaking 10.5GHz.
  2. why the fuck you want to overclock a fucking i7?
  3. I just tried this and my computer wouldn't boot right away, it rebooted, then rebooted again before bios, and when I got the chance I changed it right back because I was terrified. Then I realized when I restarted it with the default settings it still did the reboot twice thing. Is that some kind of safety check? I'm too afraid to even try now :p
  4. Could be on a laptop, his phone, or his ps3. This is 2013 buddy. He's gonna need more cooling
  5. Yet you can still leave a comment. o-o
  6. go to safe mode, and do the same thing in which you fucked up your pc
  7. Some people own more than one computer, mobile devices can also access youtube :)
  8. How about the voltage?
  9. Guys I think his name is Dave Andrews!
  10. I don't know, I mean, of course there is no other access to the internet except his computer
  11. well hello sherlock!
  12. take off ur bios battarey and that's that
  13. try rising it 10% (for example if FSB is 200 Mhz.. rise it to 220 (that's +10% and it should be safe)
  14. He said overclock it in small steps and NOT twice or something, you morron.... just restart the bios (usually bu switching a jumper or getting out power supply and the battery of the mb)
  15. fucking dave!
  16. He actually warned you about that if you listen to him
  17. i have 1.50Ghz and i want to raise it to 1.60 is that safe and what do i do in that menu if it is like how much do i raise it someone please answer it would help alot
  18. well you probably used to large of an increment to start out with..he warned you!
  19. that doesn't work ether
  20. just switch of ur batery on ur motherboard then put it back... and start ur pc

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