Computer Software Tips : How to Create a Cursor

Create a cursor by using the computer program gimp, which can be downloaded for free over the Internet. Make a cursor for a PC with tips from a software developer in this free video about computer technology. Expert: Dave Andrews Contact: Bio: Dave Andrews is a software developer that holds a degree in computer science. Currently, he is employed by a government IT department. Filmmaker: Tim Brown


  1. this is shit
  2. jgmj
  3. where ?
  4. it is spelled 'it' or 'It'
  5. How's it spelled?
  6. @lukanici1998 yes, it does work on windows xp
  7. "WOW" Nice "Experts" No software to RECORD YOURE SCREEN?! HEY IM A BETTER EXPERT!
  8. troll face cursor FTW!!!!!
  9. woohoo gun cursor!!!!
  10. I tried it a differnet way, it didn`t work, So actually what u need is, only creating a cur file, i drawed a pic on Paint, saved it as ico, changed the name to cur, but than i browsed it on my desktop, I found it, dubble clicked itm but it didn`t open the image, I didn`t get the curser. What could be a reason for that?
  11. just double click again, i dont think u can have the hourglass unless u make it so
  12. Hahaha coollllllll i really love it thank you it realllllllllyyyyyyy helping 5 star
  13. Nice! but how can I make the cursor change like other cursors, for example when you have to wait (It changes from the normal arrow to a clock..)
  14. can it be made in paint?
  15. where do you download there´s no download description
  16. wow, i used to have gimp but i uninstalled it :P

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