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We all lose track of our phone from time to time and now you can ask Cortana to find your phone, regardless of device, on your PC using the new find my phone feature. The feature will allow users to locate their phone from their PC through geo-location and by having Cortana ring your phone.


  1. this doesn't work
  2. Hey Cortana, Why aren't you available in the Philippines?
  3. Pretty lame it doesn't find or ring a windows phone 8.1device. Such bs. I mean sure, I can ring/find through my devices on the browser but to just make this only find windows 10 only devices is lame. I bet there are way more wp8 devices than w10 mobile. Thumbs down until they fix it to find wp8 devices. I mean if you can click a browser link that says ring my phone, there's no reason they can't have Cortana on windows 10 ring a wp8 device.
  4. Hey Cortana, please be available in Greece, thanks!
  5. Maps need to be available in Laos.
  6. Não consegui fazer isso funcionar na versão 14316 do windows inside
  7. When the video played, Cortana opened up and listened to the sentence, and just did a Bing search. I got my microphone set to PC sound.
  8. nice
  9. Yay. Yet another thing that I can't do on win10 because of Cortana's poor availability
  10. Does this work on any phone or does it have to be a Windows phone?
  11. And what about my lost keys?
  12. Microsoft really needs to expand the availability of Cortana.
  13. Love this! Very user-friendly experience.
  14. I should be able to do a simple voice search without Cortana's 24/7 spying on my e-mail/contacts/location/speech/writing/typing/bro​wsing habits. Having the so-called "personalized" experience should be MY choice, not Microsoft's to dictate.

    On my OnePlus One, to simply do a voice search, I don't need to use Google Now cards (which does similar data mining on Android), nor do I need to train Google to properly understand my voice or anyone else's, nor do I need to use voice search history. It just works without 24/7 privacy invasion, as Cortana is demanding, and I use it (initiated by holding home button for 2 seconds, not by voice) for a LOT of none-personalized tasks, including:

    - Get definitions of words I come across in websites/conversations/videos
    - Determine weather forecast for some area (including outside)
    - Make some simple calculation
    - Get details about some historical/iconic person
    - Get movie listings and their ratings
    - Begin playing a specific playlist/song/artist
    - Get some sports scores
    - Set an alarm/timer
    - Finding taxi numbers in my area
    - Finding local business (not just restaurants) addresses
    - Finding the pictures of any form of matter, depending on my current conversation
    - Determine the spelling and definition of some word I heard in a conversation (I literally just launch Google voice search and ask the other person to say the word)

    All of that, without any nonsense 24/7 spyware for sake of unwanted "personalization". There's no reason why Cortana can't offer such on Windows.
  15. Grammatically correct English is, "I'll try to find your phone." Not "I'll try and find your phone." Just FYI.
  16. This is really really very handy. Unfortunately for me it still didn't work! It tells me that it is going to look and it may take couple of minutes but nothing happens 😩
  17. Hey Cortana, please be available in Austria.
  18. please make a windows 10 ROm for oneplus one
  19. Did not know that nice! Do the phones have their bugs fixed. Honestly, only thing I'm waiting for to switch over.
  20. This is great! Well done MSFT

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