Crazy Mind Tricks | Cool Illusions - Pt 3

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  1. Can someone plz tell me what the song is

    And don’t try to troll me and say darude-sandstorm I already know that trick
  2. It says Bad eyes at 0:30
  3. is the song darude sandstorm
  4. Oh my goodness this is scaring me
  5. Hey I don’t have bad eyes it says that in the second one
  6. Seven
  7. the word is bad eyes
  8. there 6 fs
  9. 0:28 bad eyes
  10. Amazing
  11. BAD EYES
  12. what is the music called in the beginning?
  13. Get the White color to ultralight.......
    Means more likes....
  14. Obama
  15. Song name?
  16. I did not see John cena
  17. 0:36 once you see it, you can’t unsee it
  18. 0:45 that's not an elephant sound! That's a sound of a cow!
  19. 0:37 (BAD EYES)
  20. I see Obama

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