Deadly Spinning Swords Trick (Command Block) | MCPE 1.9/MCPE 1.7

Quick and easy trick to make Deadly Spinning Swords using Command Blocks Command Block#1: tp @e[type=armor_stand] ~ ~1 ~ ~100 Command Block#2: effect @p[r=3] instant_damage 1 1 true Command Block#3: effect @p[r=3] instant_health 1 1000 true Command to make Armor Stands invisible: /effect @e[type=armor_stand] invisibility 5000 0 true Original creator of this trick: Thanks for giving me permission to make a video on this khubeb😀 Thanks for watching😀Don't forget to like and subscribe❤💙💛And hit that bell button🔔


  1. hey bro thanks for this video i love it ilove you bro 😂
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  3. It's works now I can easily kill zombies,creeeper and Skeleton thx ur da best youtuber ever
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