Double Your Computer Graphics for Free

Here I'll show you how to increase your graphics card performance so you can get higher FPS in games and set higher graphics quality in video games. It involves unlocking unused resources in your GPU. It works with both AMD and Nvidia, and will work in any game. You can do this right in windows, so no overclocking your GPU is required. ▼ More Videos ▼ How to Get Unlimited Data: How to Get Faster Internet:


  1. Ha you didn't get me
  2. sneaky but not sneaky enough i saw the texture quality of the walls and terrain decrease between the two clips meaning you had lowered the settings in the options thus getting a ridiculous frame rate
  3. How to double your dumbness for free
  4. 'So importan to the whol laptops users' guys i lf i done these steps will my griphics card die in a few years or after using it for a long time please answer we need to get this question's answer.
  5. Dude your a asshole
  6. do a video how to play games on your own body with 1000hz and 1000fps
  7. I tried this on my PC and it has become a gun in the Shooting games..A car in the racing in FIFA game etc., 😂😂😂
  8. it worked but now my laptop is over i think it can damage the PC...
  9. Sorry But NOTHING Changed.. Especially in PUBG fps :/
  10. this shit made my laptop break
  11. Are you stupid or somethin? The way can't be used. Fucking cheater
  12. This also fixed my error code 43 thankyou so much luv you
  13. useless
  14. If i use external monitor on my laptop, which i need to choose for sample interval. Monitor on the laptop or monitor that i am using?
  15. omfg now i got 1000 FPL (Frames per lightyear
  16. There is no remote graphic in my pc
  17. this function works with the functions of increasing cpu and ram that already taught in other videos? or does it disable any of them? Thank you and congratulations!
  18. I used to get 350 fps max but now I get like 400 thx
  19. Thnx for help my pc are in ultra hd mode☺|||||
  20. when i created a new data colector set but iam not abe to press next

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