E-on software Tips and Tricks: Isolated Water Planes

Let' s keep learning with Barry Marshall! E-on software will deliver regularly some tips and tricks to help you master our software! Today is all about Isolated Water Planes in #VUE #computergraphics #environment3D


  1. where is ozone?
  2. I'm enjoying these Vue tutorials however I had to vote "thumbs down" on this tutorial. As a monthly subscriber to Vue Complete via Cornucopia I think I have every right to point out that I think Vue is a wonderful application. I have no regrets paying a monthly fee for it's usage. However I have complete disdain for the rubbish you call the function editor. It's is cumbersome, awkward and completely unintuitive. I've watched tutorials on it and none have enlightened me, even ones by Vladimir Chopine at Geek at Play whom I hold in the highest regard. I've been employed in the IT industry for over 30 years. First as a programmer and later as a system admin (Novell Netware, Citrix Winframe, Suse, and now Windows Server). In my 30 years, I've never encountered a more confusing piece of crap as the function editor. Sorry IMHO it has NO place in an art program like Vue. It needs to me more user friendly to artists and less chaotic. Like Gary Miller once said in a Vue tutorial at Geek at Play that the function editor gives him an headache. To which I'll add "me too".

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