Excel Magic Trick 167p1 IF function formula: 12 Examples!

Part 1. See 12 different examples of how to use the IF function. This video starts with IF function basics and then shows 12 different examples of how the IF function can be used in formulas. Also see these functions: AND, OR, SUM, AVEARAGE, STDEVP, and VLOOKUP. See how to use the IF function to put: 1 of 2 numbers in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 words in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 text strings in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 formulas in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 functions in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 cell ranges in a cell or formula. How to have more than one IF (Nested IF Ifs). When to switch to the VLOOKUP function. How to build multiple criteria formulas with the IF function. How to use the AND function with the IF function. How to use the OR function with the IF function. Excel If statement Excel Magic Trick 165p2 MACRO Advanced Filter Extract B-days Other amazing videos at YouTube: Excel Trick, Making a Gantt Chart with Excel, Recording Macros - Excel 2003, VLOOKUP in Excel 2007.


  1. I am not sure who are the 25 individuals who hit dislike. I personally believe this guy does by far the best job in explaining in how to use Excel. I recommended his teachings to others.
  2. i got stuck with the IF formula.... how can i write the formula so that if the source cell is blank (your C), even the target (your D) is blank, otherwise it shows the time ofthe entry?
  3. thanks for the lesson
  4. Hi! I got lost at the last 2 examples... How is A40 linked with B41, please ? Thanks!
  5. thanks for the lesson
  6. Hi, I have watched several of your videos and I love them and have learned very much from them. However I have recently come across a problem I can't solve. I have created a Vlookup as a product list using product code name ranges however in my material costs on the main sheet I'm trying to add another IF function that will work with my vlookup to multiply IF my quantity is not blank and IF bank don't leave 0.00. I would love to send this spreadsheet to you to use as a teaching option and a learning one for me. Please email me at my email address. Thank you.... you are awesome! 
  7. that what the world needs Creative people like you , thanks 
  8. Thanks. This lesson made a great impact on my job.
  9. I am trying to use IF function for referencing values on different sheets. 


    The idea is that there are ID numbers in Column A corresponding to addresses in the Sheet!  ,  I want the function to know when a number in D column is entered and it equals a number from Sheet!A column then it will populate the corresponding address from the Table. 

    Can you help?
  10. Hi!  Thank you! On this worksheet, (167) I have the "select data to add from dropdown=>on row 48/column B. on your video, it's in row 49/column B. Is the worksheet in error? Or have I done something wrong? Thank you.
  11. send me the link by YouTube e-mail so I can check it out!
  12. Daniel, I missed this. Hey thanks! I was using 'or' . . . but that is just one of my problems.
  13. I've posted my question to the MrExceldotcom/forum. Thanks!
  14. try post to THE best Excel question site: mrexcel [dot] com/forum
  15. MrExcel. Really appreciate all work you did for us who want to make a living and feed our children using Excel :-) Can you point to some site or tutorials that cover IF logic that can conditionally evaluate the length of text in a cell? (I have a problem where in two adjacent cells (same row) there can be a combination of 5,6, 7, or 8 digit numbers but only certain combinations are acceptable. eg. 5 or 6 digits in first cell AND 8 digits in second, etc. Many combinations must be eval.) thnx!
  16. "AND" is the right way to evaluate more than one condition: =IF (AND(H78>0.36,H78<1.49),I76,J76 )
  17. You need to use the AND function. =IF(AND(H78>0.36,H78<1.49),I76,J76+I76)
  18. Part 2 to this video shows how to do this: Excel Magic Trick 167p2 IF function formula: 12 Examples!
  19. Im trying to use a IF function to give one of two cells but the conditions is that i need it to test between two vales how ever it only ever test off the first value, how can i over come this, the formula im using is =IF(H78>0.36<1.49,I76,J76) how can i make this work
  20. You are welcome!

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