Excel Magic Trick # 267: Percentage Change Formula & Chart

Download file in "Excel Magic Trick" section: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm Learn about the universal formula for Percentage Change: (End Value)/Beg Value) - 1 = Percentage Change. The see how to create and format a chart with two data series and two chart types in one chart: Line Chart and Column Chart.


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  3. Can u mail me some dashboards for advance excel.
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  5. how did he get 13?
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  7. I created an Excel Table in Word and then created the graph in Excel like you outlined HOWEVER, the Chart doesn't save into Word with my table. All I see is the table. Is there a way that the Chart will save in Word, below the Table as it does in Excel directly?
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  12. I forgot to ask. How to create a dual axis chart? where the primary is column and secondary is line but don't show the primary if the secondary is null. Thanks.
  13. Thank you so much for your tutorial it was very helpful. I took excel expert but I was not able to create the dual axis chart. the chart has the primary axis as column and the secondary as line. the chart has to show only where the two chart has value but if the secondary has 0 as value don't show the column data of the primary. Thank you so much.
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    What to do? if you have some values in your table equal 0
    you can not divide any number by zero
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  18. It's great video but one thing which is bothering me is what if i want to add date label and remove junk from both the axis ........it doesn't work, could you pl look in to that........Thanks
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