Excel Magic Trick 783: Date Functions & Formulas (17 Examples)

Download file: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/ExcelIsFun.htm 1. DAY function 2. TEXT Function to get Day spelled out, like "Monday" 3. TEXT Function to get Month spelled out, like "January" 4. MONTH Function 5. YEAR function 6. Last Day in Month: EOMONTH function 7. Last Day in Month: DATE, YEAR, DAY, MONTH functions 8. First Day Next Month: EOMONTH function 9. First Day Next Month: DATE, YEAR, DAY, MONTH Functions 10. Vest Date: EDATE function 11. List of First Day in Month: EOMONTH 12. WORKDAY function -- find workday in future given a certain number of days. 13. WEEKDAY function 14. Last Monday: DATE, YEAR, MONTH, DAY and WEEKDAY functions 15. Formula for Days Between Two Dates 16. Formula for Days Between Two Dates, Inclusive 17. Net Working Days with NETWORKINGDAYS Function Buy excelisfun products: https://teespring.com/stores/excelisfun-store


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  2. Excuse me
    If I want to apply tomorrow date or after ....
    Without accept today date
    How it is ????
  3. I had a question. How could I keep the same month and the same year but just have to input the date? such as if the dates I am working with is 6/18 for June 2018, I just want to be able to put 23 in the cell so when I press "enter" it will say "23-June-18" is that possible?
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  5. Mike, If you've explained this already I apologize. I have 2 columns of dates (from and to dates) that I want to combine into one date range column. Using this formula (=TEXT(H2," mmm d, yyyy")&" - "&TEXT(I2,"mmm d, yyyy"))works fine in most cases but sometimes only part of the date was known so it was written as text or possibly left blank, of course this is where it fails. I've been experimenting but haven't been able to work something out that addresses all scenarios. In the sample below, the 1st and 2nd line work ok but the rest do not. Help please, I have to come up with something to implement on thousands of lines in multiple workbooks so that I can convert to csv files for wordpress upload.
    From Date To Date Date Range
    September 6, 1916 September 29, 1916 Sep 6, 1916 - Sep 29, 1916
    September 1920 October Sep 1, 1920 - October
    September 1921 September - Apr 4, 1905
    1920 Apr 3, 1905 - Jan 0, 1900
    1920 Apr 3, 1905 - Jan 0, 1900
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  7. I would like to see how u deal with the 31st of a month and u add 1 month to it. For example add 1 month to 31.05.2016
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  9. Hello sir i wnat to calculate time between 2 date if start date is 26-05-2018 16:00:00 and end date is 27-05-2018 10:10:00 i dont want not calculate time between 17:00:00 to 9:00:00 the answer should be come 2:10:00 hrs how can we do that
  11. I love this video as it simply and fast describes date formulas. There is no messing around. Thank you.
  12. How to make 410 days convert to 1years 1months 15 days in Microsoft Excel
  13. Hi could anyone help me to get the formula.. In my sheet i am referring today() function for date.. i want to know which formula will also display the today's date and will not exceed the last date of the month..
    kindly send me the formula to shasiranjan1985@gmail.com
  14. my company uses dd/mm/yyyy or dd/mm/yy like for example 05/03/2018, and i want to autofill dates in this format for the entire month. Hoe can i do this. If i try to autofill then only year changes sequentially. I want only the date change and nothing else. I am using Exel 2003 ver.Please help me.
  15. very nice video. good. Please create the video for the below topics available in this website sir.
  19. How do i add every monday of a month in excel automatically
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