Excel Magic Tricks # 1: Formulas & Cell References

Video 1 – 10 Download Excel Files: Start File: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/MikeGelGirvinYouTubeExcelMagicTricks01-10.xls Finished File: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/MikeGelGirvinYouTubeExcelMagicTricks01-10Finished.xls Full Page With All File Links: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm See Excel Magic! See how to build your spreadsheet smartly, so it updates automatically. See how to create formulas with cell references!


  1. Amazin
  2. I am looking for help in my tutorial, how to create a school timetable. It is necessary - in this table - that the upper row be assigned to nine classes (first a, b, c, d, C)(second a,b)(third a,b,c ).
    you know there is no doubt that there is no teacher in two different classes and in the same class.
    I had no problem with this condition, I was able to achieve it.
    But my challenge is to fulfill the previous condition with these conditions:
    1 - Mr. Maher takes the second and third classes in mathematics.
    2 - Ms. Shaima take the first classes in mathematics + third classes in physics.
    3 - Ms. Hana takes the second classes B + third classes in English.
    4 - Ms. Nada take the third classes only in the Arabic language.
    I need to work this table in a way drop down menus; to make changes constantly, provided there is a column showing me the article that is repeated in more than one classes.
    Please help me by video if you have time.
    thank you.
  3. 4:15 :)
  4. mostly my excel videos are inspired by your videos, most of the time i watch your videos and copies your trick in my videos, but my videos is in hindi, please help me to improve my audio quality
  5. respected sir your are my mentor, teacher, i have learn a lot from you , i am planning to upload video of excel in hindi (Indian language), i have prepared some video but is audio quality is not as good as your, can you please help me how to improve audio quality, thanks sandip gupta from india (sngup89@gmail.com)
  6. Why CONTROL-enter?
  7. Mr. Master, I see your all videos on Excel and thankful to you for give us good knowledge, but sir I have problem that I made one file such database file saved on server, i.e. \\server\databasefile.xlsx and other file containing vlookup formula to lookup value from database file saved on server (network), i.e. vlookup (d5,'\\server\[databasefile.xlsx]Active'!$C$3:$O$200,4,0) and problem is when I opened both file at a time then problem is occur the vlookup (d5,'\\server\[databasefile.xlsx]#REF'!$C$3:$O$200,4,0) and also #REF in sheet also. Sir, I hope you understand my matter and sir mail me on my email: karamullahtunio@gmail.com, I am waiting for your reply sir and thanks a lot
  8. thank you sooooo much for posting these excel tutorial here. Without these tricks, I wouldn't be able to understand how this thing works. Excel skill is a must have with the kind of work I have now and your videos here are my life saver. thank you very much :)
  9. Now, is time to learn excel tricks!!! It would be hard without your videos, thanks Mike :)
  10. Thanks Mike.
  11. your channel is amazing. thank you so much for the class.
  12. This is great. Thank you. Not having a stab at you but I can't for the life of me see an angry Rabbit.
  13. we are very thnx
  14. Sir i request you ....
    please upload all excel magics tricks in hindi language...........
  15. are these tricks applicable only on excel 10?
  16. hi I can find where to download this particular excel tricks #1 as i am new in excel
  17. Hi Mike same as Quynh, I would like to share some tips I have about Excel, to the Latin American Community. Currently, I am developing a blog about it. I was wondering what hardware you use for recording your audio?
  18. 4:15 so funny sound ! LOL
  19. what is your college link I am looking to copy the senario example? michaelcazabon@gmail.com please can you email me?

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