Galaxy Note 4 Software - Tips & Tricks, Hidden Features & Everything Else - Part 1/2

In this video we revisit the Galaxy Note 4's software and check out Tips & Tricks, hidden features and a lot more... This is everything you need to know about the new Touchwiz and KitKat on the Galaxy Note 4. Link to PART 2 - IF YOU LIKE IT, PLEASE SHARE!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Related Videos How to Root - Galaxy Note 4 4K Video Sample - Galaxy Note 4 Gaming Test - ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Where to buy? International Amazon -  28Mobile - India - Flipkart - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Info: Twitter: @C4ETech ( Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Website -


  1. Hey could you please tell me samsung galaxy note 4 Exynos chipset is better or a Sanapdragon one .
  2. How do u get the "data service " into the notification bar
  3. I upgraded from Note 2 to Note 4. I did not want the Note 5. I love this phone. NOTE 4
  4. Great video thanks
  5. I think this guy just called me regarding my microsoft windows computer and that it has a virus.
  6. what flashlight do you use?
  7. I love my note 4
    It's awesome
  8.  very wierd fingers O_o
  9. Thanks a lot, it was very helpful...
  10. pls suggest me a tempered glass for samsung note 4 which doesnt produce halo effect ? 
    thanks in advance :)
  11. thanks for uploading man, very informative and very spot on and right to the point. I've learned a lot already from this video about my cell phone than i did in all the years i thought I've known about my past cell phones lol 
  12. Hallo
  13. Best video ever good bro keep it up:) You have shown many of the S pen features in nice way!
  14. What kind of stand is that?
  15. How can I make screen recording on note 4 ?
    Is it resemble making screen recording on note 3???
  16. This is very helpful to me. Thank you please keep making these as the Note line evolves and as you find new ways to use them.
  17. hi this safi .pls can u help me,my galaxy not 4 lost the software . how i can upgrade the software pls pls help me i chack in marke no one can"t  make 
  18. I can use in galaxy note 3 n900W8 ?? 
  19. ASH I have a problem with my new Note 4 (snapdragon 805) when I press the multitasking button and select an app, it lags. It's not as smooth as my note 3 was. It's a small issue but it's extremely annoying and shouldn't be happening on a powerful phone like thi?. Does this happen on the octacore version? Thanks
  20. Hi there again this time i have one question. I root my note 4 and after i try it to update and i recive a message that i cheange the software bla bla bla. I need to know if im gonna be able to update in future updates.
    Many thanks

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