Galaxy Note 4 Software - Tips & Tricks, Hidden Features & Everything Else - Part 2/2

This the second part of my video where we revisit the Galaxy Note 4's software and check out Tips & Tricks, hidden features and a lot more... This is everything you need to know about the new Touchwiz and KitKat on the Galaxy Note 4. Link to PART 1 - IF YOU LIKE IT, PLEASE SHARE!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Related Videos Galaxy Note 4 Full Review - How to Root - Galaxy Note 4 4K Video Sample - Galaxy Note 4 Gaming Test - ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Where to buy? International - Amazon -  India - Flipkart - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Info: Twitter: @C4ETech ( Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Website -


  1. These VIDEOS HELPED ME SO MUCH! Thanks dude!
  2. @C4ETech how do you get the "s finder" and "quick connect" on your notification panel when you swipe down? If that makes sense because my note 4 doesn't display in that way without having to swipe across the top to the left. Thanks
  3. thanks man always liked ur vids, i have one ques am planing to purchase 910c model of note 4, will it supports all frequencies and bands of 4gLTE, i know it will only support FDD not TDD as right now i know only two cellular companies which have FDD bands (idea and reliance) and i think 4g will run on them am i right then plz correct me and let me know which companies will it support on 4g. Thanks .
  4. Superb vedio ash
  5. Excellent review, can you do a comparision between redmi 1s and honor holly.
  6. sir please review lumia 730
  7. Magnification gestures automatically diables some one handed usage functions.
  8. Plwase tell me the driving mode voice functions don't still require data?
  9.  very good video again, thank you Ash. 
  10. it doesnt have air gesture :( 
  11. I just wanted to say thank you very much for this very detailed walk through.  I intend to purchase my first Note this weekend and I now feel that I can hit the ground running.
  12. Great Walkthroughs!
  13. @C4ETech  is galaxy note 4 has air gestures _air view _smart scroll _smart pause and smart stay like galaxy note 3 _ galaxy s5 and galaxy s4 ???
  14. Would the Adaptive Display use more battery?
  15. Phone of the year (poty)
  16. Is it true that the Note 4 no longer features DLNA functionality ?
    Quick check has been changed .
    It no longer gives us the nice graphics .
    Instead of that the hovering over the Display takes us to the Lockscreen but can you enable the same info on the Lockscreen as the old version of quick check showed us ?
    Or even more ?
    Air call/accept, air browse, Finger air view, smart rotation, smart pause, smart scroll,reading mode, humidity sensor,group play all gone ?
  17. root moto x please
  18. Excellent Videos Ash both 1 and 2....never knew a phone could do so much !!!!!
  19. @C4ETech Can the note 4 pop up a small window when receiving calls or is this a feature samsung has taken out from the note 4 ?
  20. 0 dislikes congo bro! :D 

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