Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review – A PC Guy's Perspective

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  1. Am I the only one watching the video with 1.25× speed?
  2. best android skin and phone! unique and beautiful UI
  3. apple has ip68 water restance on the iphone xs which is 1,000 dollars apple is behind the game
  4. And that's when his love for Samsung began.
  5. HELL NAH!!! BIG BUCK BUNNY?!?! 😂😂😂
  6. Ohhhhhh I get it. Its Linus dressed as Steve Jobs.
  7. That how to steal a dog 9:40
  8. I use the curved screen to scroll it feels nice
  9. 3:49 Linus uses tinder?
  10. Man I watch all my videos at 1.5x speed but he speaks so slow I had to watch at 2x 💀
  11. 0:00 (Wait) Says It While Wearing Am Android Watch 🤣
  12. i like my Galaxy s8+, and not removing the headphone jack was an awesome idea.
  13. but the note 7 was a bomb
  14. this phone was ass
  15. 4:08 you can See the coordinates
  16. If u want hotspot on quick settings u can change whats on the quick settings on the big settings
  17. U are great
  18. Jeez ive had my S8+ for a year and its so beaten up but my battery life is great. 50% by night
  19. Dude just disable services that you don't need.
  20. I would love to remap that Bixby button to the camera shutter. Quite frankly, I think it's stupid that it wasn't an option in the settings.

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