Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review – A PC Guy's Perspective

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  1. 8:27 just turn it off then
  2. This video was made in 2017 so I bet they fixed the the battery problem on the s8.
  3. Ur idot
  4. Bascaly no friends lsjdjsfbdkfbksbf lmao
  5. ahem APPLE BAD
  6. But that Touch ID placement tho. 😐😐😐
  7. At first I tough that these were condoms
  8. Stay away from me you've been infected by apple
  9. I have mobile Hotspot quick option
  10. “Will the galaxy s8 be enough to bring me back”
    *looks at thumbnail *

    Yeah I’m pretty sure it will
  11. I hope you have a girlfriend)))
  12. Can we get a video on a lineageOS?
  13. Where did you buy your s8 from?
  14. first video I ever disliked I guess? PC guy's perspective? come on, why are you even including this in the title? comparing it to iPhone, based on obvious AND ONLY OBVIOUS parts where iPhone excels, that can be counted on fingers! if you really are talking as a PC guy then did you forget the Samsung flow or micro SD card expansion, didn't talk about gaming, multi tasking or.......DEX??
  15. Can Samsung sue Apple now for 'copying' them by removing the physical home button now?
  16. I'm still using the S8 in 2019. No upgrade needed. I may wait for the Note 10 this year...if they exclude the damn cutout camera.
  17. Please guys help me make a decision. I have two options: iphone 7 and s8. Which one???
  18. icore i7
  19. Well he finally got the under screen fingerprint scanner
  20. Looking at this video, while you just pre-ordered the Galaxy S10+ feels kinda weird tbh lol

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