Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review – A PC Guy's Perspective

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  1. I'm in Canada and I bought the Galaxy S8+ over the Oneplus 6.
    I paid about CAD$140 less for the Samsung S8+. My biggest problem with Samsung is they just don't update their software and when they do they are very slow to rollout.
  2. 👍👍👍👍
  3. 6:08 wait is that big chungas
  4. 0:27 oh fuck we lost a other one.
  5. I'm using Xiaomi Note 4, Should I change to S8+ at mid of 2019?
  6. Im watching on my dads s8 the top of the phone dosent work
  7. I'm watching with the s8 and the 8.0.0 update brings the hotspot back
  8. Hello y'all if a person buy a S8 or S8 plus do it automatically updates to 8.1 android system when turned on?
  9. What case is this at 2:54?
  10. Perhaps I am the only one. But I love the 16.9 ratio. Now days we see a lot of 18.9 but when you try to watch the video you end up with wide black bars on both sides of the screen, unless you zoom in, in which case you loose part of the image in video. Until more videos/movies adapt to using the 18.9 I will stick to the 16.9.
  11. Life: A PC Guy's Perspective
  12. saying you own the design of a home button on a phone is like saying you own the design for doors on homes and everyone else has to pay you.
  13. I have never had a problem with the fingerprint placement:)
  14. watching on an S8+ I love this phone! What a leap from a Galaxy J7 to the S8+!
  15. Iphone
  16. I was an iSheep for 5 years, still have a MacBook, iPad and iPod. Will never go back to an iPhone. NEVER had an issue controlling the fingers on both hands. I LOVE the placement of the finger print scanner. I have zero issues about my s8.
  17. Please Linus ....

    Stick to PC related reviews
  18. I wish someone would summon the courage to re-introduce the removable battery back into the modern era of smartphones. I don't care about form over function, I want a thick ugly phone with a removable battery!
  19. This whole video is literally him shitting on Samsung.. Lol You can definitely tell he's an apple fanboy.
  20. Yeah fuck you

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