Hack any Windows PC in 2 minutes

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  1. Kon boot does the same. U just need to create a bootable usb drive and burn the files into the flash drive. So u can flank the security layer of the accounts security. Search kon-boot in google
  2. Hey linus cant you just use hirens boot instead of a 20 dollar usb?
  3. I think Linus would be terrible at infiltrating a company to get some information from Intel or some other company like Intel. 🤣
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  5. Linus funniest vid
    I laughed at this to die....
  6. 0:05 socks & sandals
  7. thanks dude i am a hacker but i did not now that u can buy somthing online and hack a PC
  8. meh; Konboot.
  9. Nice
  10. Democrats (Clinton/Reno) sued Microsoft for basically nothing. Now MS is a good lil Fascist company like Facecrook and Google. Big offices on K-Street that give overwhelmingly to Democrats. Not a new phenomenon, for FASCISTS...
  11. That intro is what everybody is like when they realize just how many ultra end CPUs and GPUs they have in their warehouse lol
  12. 1:55 is where the video starts. Life is short, save yourself time✔✔✔
  13. just in case the robber managed to escape, from CCTV footage we can just tell its Linus
  14. Why pay for that, just get any USB key, download NTreset and your done...
  15. Socks and sandals.
  16. I'm only looking this up because of T-series
  17. does this still work? lol
  18. It's 7 minutes. Scammmm
  19. dat intro tho...
  20. tactical sandals and socks

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