How-to Boost Internet Speed 46% in Windows 8 or 7

* Step by Step Tutorial Below * In this video I show you how to use a Google utility to find the best name servers (DNS servers) for your Windows 8 or 7 32bit or 64bit system. Why change DNS servers? Well, it can improve your internet speed significantly! I personally upgraded my internet browsing speed by 46%. Here are the instructions. 1. Download namebench using this link: 2. Click on the file you downloaded "namebench-1.3.1-Windows.exe" 3. Click Run. 4. Click Extract. 5. Click Start Benchmark. 6. Click on the Windows 7 Orb. 7. Click on Control Panel. 8. Click on Network and Internet. 9. Click on Network and Sharing Center. 10. Click on Local Area Connection. 11. Click on Properties. 12. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4. 13. Use the following dns server addresses: for the top DNS address, use the primary server address that namebench found. For the alternate DNS address use the secondary server addresses 14. Click OK. That's it, I hope you enjoy your improved internet connection like I am. And remember to share this video with your friends and family, and they'll thank you. Just look at the comments from my other internet speed videos for iPhone 4s and Windows Vista. Everyone loves faster internet :P Tip: You can share this video on Facebook and Twitter to spread it to all of your friends and family instantly. Oh Yeah, visit whenever you need an instant estimate on remodeling or a dream home. Or if you need to find a contractor you could trust.


  1. help me its said
    "your router or internet service provider appears to be intercepting and redirecting all outgoing dns request"
    what is that means ?
  2. Wow I already had the fastest. :D
  3. сука
  4. How-to Boost Internet Speed 46% in Windows 8 or 7 - YouTube #windows8 #windows7 #fasterinternet
  5. How-to Boost Internet Speed 46% in Windows 8 or 7 - YouTube #windows8 #windows7 #fasterinternet
  6. It said my current Dns server is the fastest. I don't know exactly what that means I was just trying to end lagg on certain videos
  7. Awesome way faster. Thanks
  8. my location showes none
  9. 44.6 % increase here,thanks..
  10. NICE ONE... MINE IS 1383.1%..;-)
  11. this video is very useful for me it worked 197.6% faster thanks uploader
  12. mine is 20.7 faster. Not bad
  13. lol
  14. it dint work for me. -1.9%. I DONT CARE, its fcking 1.9%
  15. Thanks ! My computer it's like lightning fast Amazing ?
  16. 52.2% :D Thanks man! So awesome!
  17. Hmmmm Your current primary DNS server is Fastest
  18. omg....thanks PROVENHELPER....i like personal namebench 56.7% faster.... i watch youtube speed up like horse....hehehe.thank
  19. Thank you thank you :) How doesn't love faster internet, right? #internetboost #internet

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