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Learn what is test strategy and guidelines on how to create a powerful test strategy. For details and test strategy document example, see Test Strategy vs Test Plan : Software Testing Tutorials : Test Automation : Database Testing : Programming Concepts : Website : Twitter :


  1. Could you please make a video how to create a test strategy. Do you have test strategy template?
  2. Why you have put music in background is annoying, please remove it.
  3. Hi, Can you please explain me Cause and Effect Graph Techniques. I couldn't find it. thanks
  4. How is Test Strategy different from Test Plan? From what's described in this video, it seems strategy would be a sub-section of the test plan. Whereas a plan provides a comprehensive 360 degrees overview of the testing project including objectives, deliverables, scheduling etc, test strategy focuses solely on the testing aspect and provides a drill down view including testing types (manual vs auto), tools, approaches, test data etc. Is that correct understanding?
  5. Please remove the annoying background music and those fancy fonts. They are seriously disturbing ur excellent teaching .
  6. Can you please make a good tutorial on test strategy.Because its not clear.Your all videos are too good.

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