How to Look Good in Skype Interviews - Tips & Training

Look your best when interviewed by video over the internet. GET CHECKLIST:


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  2. Sala madhar chod customer services toilet kaya yes ly tera baap ka number bije raka
  3. Madhar chod kuttar baicha
  4. Love the video, I really like the examples you demonstrated with different locations and how environment makes a difference with video sound quality.
  5. Awesome 👏🏻
  6. Good video.
  7. I will be having a skype interview and FUCKKK I'll go to computer shop since I don't have a desktop :D
  8. really helpful, thanks!
  9. I enjoyed your video, very funny but informative at the same time... perfect combination!! :)
  10. Lol this is awesome!😂😂
  11. This is very helpful! I have an interview in two days and I'm looking for videos like this to help me pass the interview.. Thank you so much for making this video!
  12. Thank you! Very helpful
  13. Thank you for these tips .
  14. So no names like PornoMAGIC? LOL
  15. will they be looking on your skype avatar?
  16. thank you so much Sir
  17. Awesome filming :) Totally enjoyed it! )))
  18. hehehe "dress appropriately... at least on top"
  19. This is a great video and exactly what I was looking for--thank you!
  20. leveling putting a box underneath you laptop or taller desk.. I am gona try that

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