How to Look Good in Skype Interviews - Tips & Training

Look your best when interviewed by video over the internet. GET CHECKLIST:


  1. Hello NTDTrainingVideos, when searching for online video conference etiquette, I found yours is the most helpful one. I would like to know if it's okay I use your video and translate it into Chinese, so that it might benefit those who need to have this information, but don't understand English?
  2. Thanks! Makes sense, and helpful
  3. I must say you made an excellent presentation highlighting/demonstrating the points you raised.
  4. That was really helpful. And I am sure to pick all the tips. However, I have no provision for additional lamp or a camera and have to go with built in one. Please suggest some hacks.
  5. Thanks, that´s very helpful
  6. this is good
  7. Hello NTDTrainingVideos,
    Thank you so much for this breathtaking tutorial.
    Youre a real life saver my G.
    Yours truly,
    disney employee.
  8. Helpful sir
  9. Thank you very much
  10. Yup got an interview tomorrow so THANK YOU!
  11. How to I get European jobs
  12. At least on top 😅
  13. This video is very good video with lot of important points.
  14. Why am i laughing the whole time!😂😆 love your vid and your wit!! Thanks for your help
  15. I have a coming interview but don't have a laptop how about using a phone instead is it ok?
  16. For my opinion, the background should be more professional. For exampe, white wall.
  17. I will have an interview for this weekend and this is so much helpful, thank you ;)
  18. Excellent delivery!
  19. Thanks. Ive skype interview for the next 3 hour. Tik tok tik tok...
  20. Its prince fuckin andrew LOL

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