By increasing Virtual Memory you can minimize work load of RAM. Set DisablePagingExecutive=1 Though your OS performance will increased by double...!! How...?? Watch the video to learn much more trix... Enjoy the speed....


  1. thank you!!iw really works on my HELL pc because it is so LAG
    Now it is smoother than ever
    plss pinned this comment and loved it
  2. Fck...after doing this i can't run gta on my PC..even after reversing all the steps..i am not able to run it..why the hell i found this video
  3. Finally, i can open internet
  4. pay bills cause you put the battery life maximum XD
  5. Just replace your HDD to SSD, problem solved... Kingston SSDs (240GB) is less than $30 right now.... Cheap as hell... It is a more substantial upgrade imo
  6. you are GOD......
  7. After this can i install pl studio in my 2 gb ram laptop
  8. Bro I came coz I forgot to thanks you
  9. Step 12: Debloat Windows 10.

    Windows 10 is more energy consuming at their apps, By debloating it, this sometimes will boost your pc and have a LOT of room for ram!
  10. thank you So Much!!!
  11. U just made my computer look like a windows xp
  12. Pls reply
  13. I don't have mdd shit bro help me
  14. U ruined my fcking pc
  15. 466 GB 504 GB wth is wrong with my pc lol
  16. Can I do that on windows rt
  17. jist create 1TB hard Drive for ur games even rebooting doesnt delete that drive youve created and its free
  18. Okay it was so easy and it made pc faster than I imagine
  19. u need to delete all of that items in %temp%?
  20. hey %temp% its safe?

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