By increasing Virtual Memory you can minimize work load of RAM. Set DisablePagingExecutive=1 Though your OS performance will increased by double...!! How...?? Watch the video to learn much more trix... Enjoy the speed....


  1. thank you!!iw really works on my HELL pc because it is so LAG
    Now it is smoother than ever
    plss pinned this comment and loved it
  2. thanks so much very useful, did help!
  3. My f*cking computer is broken. It dosent even open, it is 2gb ram now but 4gb ram
  4. actually 75% people here came to improve gaming performance while 25% cam here to improve their computer/laptop performance for less lag and no problems!
  5. Can you make a cellphoe/android of this?
  6. this works it made my computer hell as fast maybe i can play like a pro cause i use to lag
  7. wow
  8. Subscribed!!😊
  9. ttthhnks my hell noob pc is working well it looks xp but no lag
  10. I not love my computer because it is hanging
  11. Oooooohh shiiiiieeeeeeeet! Thx brooo!!!
  12. and of course always download ram.. lol :)
  13. Thanks
  14. thank you so much! it worked!!!
  15. He said in 10 minutes but the video length is 11:32 xD Lol
  16. Increasing ur virtual memory will damage ur pc
  17. his/her computer have a aircon insted f fans
  18. Will try this to my old laptop I'm planning to install just cause hoped it works
  19. Thanks a lot ^-^
  20. Thanks bro

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