How to make Windows 7 Faster - Faster Gaming 2016/2017 - Free & Fast Speed

In this video see how to make Windows 7 faster and how to make Windows 7 faster for gaming. My video shows you several easy steps to learn how to make Windows 7 run faster and more efficient. See quickly how to make Minecraft run faster on Windows 7 laptop along with other games too. A simple and to the point video tutorial that shows how to speed up windows 7 Startup and Shutdown times along with speeding up Windows 7 gaming too. You are shown in my video time proven Windows 7 tips and tricks that really work to speed up your laptop computer. When you follow my steps they will speed up any Windows 7 laptop or desktop computer by using Windows 7 msconfig, Windows 7 Defrag, Windows 7 Power Options and Power Plans...and more. Hope you like this movie I produced on how to speed up Windows 7, make laptop faster Windows 7 and have Windows 7 faster fps for more gaming fun. BTW: This video helps beyond making you a better gamer. It will help everywhere and show you how to make Windows 7 faster and improve its performance even in faster internet response times. Get improved and faster fps in games like GTA 5, Battlefield. Minecraft, GSGO and Warcraft...etc. For a faster laptop, faster gaming PC, faster Windows 7 and a faster Windows 7 startup, I suggest running a laptop/hard drive clean up with Ccleaner once a week. Get rid of all those junk files that use up storage hard drive space and system resources. Here's the link to download the free Ccleaner:


  1. U got my Sub
  2. it working^_^
  3. Now i can play PUBG smoothly
  4. *Thank you, you are a good men"
  5. Halo orusbu cocu
  6. i just now begun the video, and i wanted to say that i have a windows 7 Ultimate, and its really slow so i really hope this works. So that i am able to play games faster and have faster internet.
  7. is Deleting temp files safe because there is jna-M****l yeah i censored my name
  8. Wait didn't u do A video on how to update Ur Pc to windows 10??? and Half way through u said "Once that is loading Go get urself a cup of coffee" lmao
  9. Tnx men
  10. Disk Defragment wont what should i do
  11. You made my day man thanks
  12. who else read the ccleaner with separated 2 c's?? hahaha... ok only me?? fine :/
  13. i'm very thankful to u man, my computer was very slow ang log all the time,i thought it was our internet connection,after i followed your videos,,man im immediately impressed cause its realy work,, i thank you a lot for your honest video,,God bless you
  14. Can i speed it to 1 sec?
  15. thx dude
  16. Subbed
  17. UR A real Hero :)
  18. Still working! I'm so glad i visited this
  19. Ito lang pala ang kailangan ko salamat
  20. thx it made my pc MUCH,MUCH FASTER

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