How to Refresh and Maintain your PC's performance

Computers, just like cars, bikes, and girlfriends, need regular maintenance in order to perform at their best. Here's some tips to make sure your PC isn't getting clogged up with rubbish/garbage/.temp files. NCIX Tech services: PC Dust Elimination - The Rugged, Manly Way: How-to-Geek's Guide on Disabling Startup Programs: See news sources + discuss on our Forums: Follow Us! Episode Credits: Host: Linus Sebastian Writer: Riley Murdock Editor: Barret Murdock


  1. your body poster making boundary with both hands is fucking annoying just be open while teaching sumthing to millions of subscribers
  2. Is it okay to reset your PC regularly like once in 3 months or so?
  3. I like that I have to install software to get rid of space (You know because obviously I have to add stuff to my C drive just so I can get rid of stuff ;p)
  4. what a jerk
  5. Would all the things be good useful for computers still?
  6. How to optimize your PC easily in a few clicks
  7. hi Linus tech tips and tech quickie
  8. The best solution for your PC to update, backup, clean and monitor your drivers & devices.

    We offer the best solution for your PC to update, backup, clean and monitor your drivers & devices. Keep your computer reliable and up to date by fixing driver updates & disconnected devices. Check if your devices and drivers are working correctly.
  9. In my experience 3rd party cleaners aren't necessary. Used different ones for years on different computers and after gradually seeing the behaviours of them before and after with and without fresh installs of Windows. I find that Windows has the tools to take care of what's needed. And over time I think these 3rd party softwares can do more harm than good. Optimise settings, but otherwise let Windows take as much care of itself as you can.
  10. does anyone know a free app that you can download that is free with no monthly payment.
  11. "But CCleaner is a great tool to install malware!"
  12. I cleaned my old pc from dust with airspray and then it says prosessor changed and pc is more slower now. FAIL! I dont know what do do
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  14. You are so annoying as hell!
  15. * i J u s t. W a n t. T o. C l e a n. T h e. G l a s s*
  16. Yeh my PC does need some clean after those Porn..oh I meant after those research I be doing😅
  17. i wonder if deleting temp files also deletes saved passwords?
    i can't remember, could someone let me know asap
  18. I bought rgb ram and my pc ram like brand new, before it was slow and then I bought rgb ddr sdram
  19. Bro Linus what did they do to you at NCIX.
  20. This guy looks like Linus for some reason 🤔

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