How to Refresh and Maintain your PC's performance

Computers, just like cars, bikes, and girlfriends, need regular maintenance in order to perform at their best. Here's some tips to make sure your PC isn't getting clogged up with rubbish/garbage/.temp files. NCIX Tech services: PC Dust Elimination - The Rugged, Manly Way: How-to-Geek's Guide on Disabling Startup Programs: See news sources + discuss on our Forums: Follow Us! Episode Credits: Host: Linus Sebastian Writer: Riley Murdock Editor: Barret Murdock


  1. may you try this bro driver tuner software
  2. cc cleaner i lost my ddl files !!!! shity apps
  3. This doesn’t help because you talk to much
  4. Just use PC Optimizer PRO 4Head
  5. how many channels is this nibba on?
  6. Windex emulator is the best ram cleaner
  7. A very useful way of ur video when u recording is to hold ur pee and u could simply talk with more passion
  8. Linus was so cute when he was younger!
  9. it's CCleaner....not CC Cleaner -_-
  10. New Meme : BOTH (2) of those THREE THINGS (3)
  11. Instructions unclear made love to my cat
  12. LINUS!!!!!
  13. That song from final is a refrence for killing floor 2 ? ;D
  14. "Both of those 3 things" lmao
  15. Ccleaner Is a virus
  16. for anyone that is thinking about buying the predator acer computer dont its a literal piece of trash
  17. fuuuuuk why are they all talking so f much
  18. sorry but the way this guy tries to be funny is creepy

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