How to Remotely Control PCs! Tech Tips Suggested Software

Controlling a computer remotely may seem like it could be difficult, but there are a number of free, easy-to-use options available on many different platforms. Linus gives us a run-through. Chrome Remote Desktop: Microsoft Remote Desktop: Teamviewer: See news sources + discuss on our Forums: Follow Us! Episode Credits: Host: Linus Sebastian Writer: Riley Murdock Editor: Edzel Yago


  1. TeamViewer with my raspberry pi
  2. AnyDesk anyday. A simple download and a double-click on the .exe file from the host computer and you're set.
  3. Ok so question that i cant seem to find the answer to, i have a nice gaming computer at home and a decent laptop i take woth me everywhere, i cant game on the laptop and work takes me out of town alot, what i want to know is can i use remote desktop to remote into my pc at home from my laptop and game remotely?
  4. RDP, teamviewer... #windowsitexperts
  5. teamviewer is awful, it craps out quite a bit, only way to revive it is to restart the computer, defeats the purpose
  6. Great lesson, l learnt much – thanks. I have a question.
    If my PC is in the US and I remotely access it from the UK, then I login to my email
    account and send a mail. If somebody traces my mail, will they get my US or UK
    IP id.? Can they findout that I am in the UK? Looking forward to your answer and thanks again.
  7. I am doing this 00:27 😂😂😂😂😂
  8. I use Remote Desktop Connection because it is the most secure. Team Viewer is not nearly as good because hackers can just brute force your account and gain access to all your PC's.
  9. TeamViewer is excellent EXCEPT if the app thinks you are using it for commercial purposes, then it will lock you out until you send a log of your connections and they determine if you are or are not using it for commercial purposes. I used it to monitor home cameras and on more than 1 occasion I've had to prove it's not commercial
  10. realvnc,
    but i'd like to know something with better latency. something good enough for gaming
    (i don't play games that often, but i like having power station on my lap in my bed)
  11. any desk
  12. well remote desktop came with Microsoft and it was good to me I can run Roblox smoothly I like it better than Teamviewer.
  13. Hold on, isn't this Linus?
  14. Stop screaming, it's annoying...
  15. AnyDesk has been an IT lifesaver!
  16. dont use teamviewer

    theyll accuse you of commercial use and ban your connection after a while. Its their business model of forcing people to pay for their program
  17. Use Windows 10 Quick Assist. Demo is available in this Windows 10 tips and tricks video:
  18. voice sounds like a 95 yr old man.
  19. teamviewer keeps saying "commerical use detected." how do i get around this without payment?
  20. i used teamviewer

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