How to Remotely Control PCs! Tech Tips Suggested Software

Controlling a computer remotely may seem like it could be difficult, but there are a number of free, easy-to-use options available on many different platforms. Linus gives us a run-through. Chrome Remote Desktop: Microsoft Remote Desktop: Teamviewer: See news sources + discuss on our Forums: Follow Us! Episode Credits: Host: Linus Sebastian Writer: Riley Murdock Editor: Edzel Yago


  1. plz i want to use microsoft remote desktop with local user at atime (without cut on the local user )
  2. VNC is better than others
  3. How do log in on windows 10 on a different users perfile
  5. any one ever use a program called desktop delivery? i loved it but i cant find any reference to it any more :( and you aint an admin unless you've used ultra vnc haha
  6. what is wrong with this guy?
  7. linus tech tips?
  8. wonder how good this work when used with something like
    zbrush, maya and unreal engine
  9. don't visit the site he is providing its full of virus... specially the team viewer...
  10. Teamviewer is "Sucks". I used it for my many years and it had been great, but lately Teamviewer wants me to pay even though I use it to help classmates to troubleshoot computer, students with homework, etc. The moment I open teamviewer, within a minute, it shuts down and says "my free version has ended". It's damn annoying. Windows Remote Desktop is sucks too. I tried it, but then it disables the client's computer screen. So what good is it if my client cannot see his/her screen to ask me for me? Dumb software. I keep asking Microsoft to make its software to be like teamviewer or buy teamviewer and have it integrated with Windows 10. Still nothing. Anydesk, ahh. Again, not the best compared to teamviewer. Sometimes it connects, and sometimes it doesn't. It lags on some people's computer when I try to help them to troubleshoot computer problems.
  11. Remember when TeamViewer didn't constantly give you that "COMMERCIAL USE DETECTED" notification? Good times...
  12. Any tips on how to keep Google Remote Desktop from Disconnecting you when using tools such as the brush tool in Photoshop?

    When I select the brush tool, Chrome Remote disconnects me saying the software is using an older version.

    Chrome remote will not reconnect until I go to the remote computer and click off the brush tool. The same thing happens with the clone tool.
  13. Linus tech tips LMAO
  14. I'm watching through teamviewer.
  15. Splashtop too
  16. Spectrum would block it.
  17. Who the hell is ncix? This is linus
  18. Emined Tech Tips ( slow down baby ) . Thank you YouTube for providing a speed option

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