How to Remotely Control PCs! Tech Tips Suggested Software

Controlling a computer remotely may seem like it could be difficult, but there are a number of free, easy-to-use options available on many different platforms. Linus gives us a run-through. Chrome Remote Desktop: Microsoft Remote Desktop: Teamviewer: See news sources + discuss on our Forums: Follow Us! Episode Credits: Host: Linus Sebastian Writer: Riley Murdock Editor: Edzel Yago


  1. Darn it Linus! How many channels do you have!
  2. time for an update !!!
  3. hOW DO YOU forward the ports in my router??
  4. any good remote software to replace team viewer to control Mac OS Mojave
  5. I use Team Vewer to access brother computer in newzealand, but he upgrade his os to osx Mojave the team viewer can only see his desktop but not controls anything
  6. i use team viewer, more secure and reliable.
  7. Why here Linus ?
  8. Hi Malik, Thanks for sharing this great video. Kindly add latest best free remote access software
  9. Hi Thanks for sharing this great video. Kindly add latest best free remote access software
  10. I have a gaming PC and a download PC. Can i control download pc from gaming pc without risk of infecting the gaming PC? Would like to download from desk being that download pc is in living room. Not comfortable
  11. I love you man! Every time I have a tech problem./question and I land on one of your videos I know I'm gonna get good info.
  12. Chrome Remote Destop is Incredible !!! Even with gaming and File sharing!!!!
  13. What are u doing on NCIX :D
  15. At first i thought he was pointing so awkwardly to flash the ASUS logo in his sleeve, and then he started doing it with the other arm.
  16. what about anydesk
  17. TeamViewer with my raspberry pi
  18. AnyDesk anyday. A simple download and a double-click on the .exe file from the host computer and you're set.
  19. Ok so question that i cant seem to find the answer to, i have a nice gaming computer at home and a decent laptop i take woth me everywhere, i cant game on the laptop and work takes me out of town alot, what i want to know is can i use remote desktop to remote into my pc at home from my laptop and game remotely?
  20. RDP, teamviewer... #windowsitexperts

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