How to Remotely Control PCs! Tech Tips Suggested Software

Controlling a computer remotely may seem like it could be difficult, but there are a number of free, easy-to-use options available on many different platforms. Linus gives us a run-through. Chrome Remote Desktop: Microsoft Remote Desktop: Teamviewer: See news sources + discuss on our Forums: Follow Us! Episode Credits: Host: Linus Sebastian Writer: Riley Murdock Editor: Edzel Yago


  1. realvnc,
    but i'd like to know something with better latency. something good enough for gaming
    (i don't play games that often, but i like having power station on my lap in my bed)
  2. any desk
  3. well remote desktop came with Microsoft and it was good to me I can run Roblox smoothly I like it better than Teamviewer.
  4. Hold on, isn't this Linus?
  5. Stop screaming, it's annoying...
  6. AnyDesk has been an IT lifesaver!
  7. dont use teamviewer

    theyll accuse you of commercial use and ban your connection after a while. Its their business model of forcing people to pay for their program
  8. Use Windows 10 Quick Assist. Demo is available in this Windows 10 tips and tricks video:
  9. voice sounds like a 95 yr old man.
  10. teamviewer keeps saying "commerical use detected." how do i get around this without payment?
  11. i used teamviewer
  12. yes but how do you use an external keyboard and mice using a remote desktop anywhere?!
  13. AnyDesk is free and works perfect
  14. Crome remote viewing
  15. I've used teamviewer for years and it works great until I installed win10 enterprise and now stupid teamviewer keeps saying I'm using commercial and it won't let me connect even though I'm using for non commercial like helping classmates w/ homework. Now I hate it. Microsoft Remote desktop never worked for me. Even my classmate tried and it and she's right. It doesn't work. Don't know why it won't work. I wished I knew why? I'm using Anydesk now, and it's great. Not as good as teamviever, but at least it doesn't annoy me w/ "you're using commercial", when I'm not.
  16. i use team viewer (10)
  17. I have Windows 10 two laptops I like to try to connect to both of them using one as a master and no other as a secondary they both got a lot of software in them nice video
  18. Another great software for PC health monitoring is RemoteToPC. I am working with an IT company and we are using this software. Let me tell you that it is a really good investment. It is really cheap and it offers you a lot of useful features. It's a great remote PC access solution. You can try it on
  19. Linus tech tips
  20. I will use this against scammers

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