How to Speed Up Windows 7

This video shows you how to speed up Windows 7. The methods shown in the video are completely safe and will improve the performance of Windows 7. The first two tips detail how you can free up your computer's resources by modifying the visual aspects of the Windows software. The last two tips deal with how to disable features or applications which are rarely used. By making the few changes recommended in this video, you will significantly speed up Windows 7.


  1. Do not dare to open Internet Explorer on windows 7 lol
  2. Wow. Very effective results I got. Thank you very much.
  3. Thanks boro..
  4. after i do the second one I’m like. Is this windows 8?
  5. Russian mode: on
  6. Guys i really need Help :'(
    My laptop always crash when im playing Left4Dead, i know its an Old game but idk why does it always crashing after 20-30mins of playing?
    i have windows 10 and 4gb of Ram and Intel(R) Core(Tm) i5 CPU 2.67Ghz and i think i also dont have a Video card in my laptop. So what should i do guys? Maybe downgrade my old laptop to W7 for better performance?😢💔
  7. I hope U enjoyed this tutorial?

    yeah we really enjoyed it.
  8. Why has the writing changed?? letters are not as bold.
  9. My windows is running faster now. Again thanks.
  10. Check out my vidz and enjoy
  11. Like I knew most of the stuff, but the last one has surprised me and it runs a little faster
    There's one more thing you could have added, when you go to control panel, choose battery, choose additional plans and tick the square next to High Performance
  12. My laptop was too slow. I followed your tips now it's quicker . THANK YOU SIR FOR YOUR VALUABLE TIPS.
  13. I LOVE DIS VID Thanks!!!. Sub 4 u
  14. Thank you
  15. Bro thank you so much for giving us such a lot of good knowledge I am from India thank you for doing this great work thankyou thankyou thankyou
  16. just added another 10 years of life to my laptop.....can’t thank you enough....stay blessed 💯💯💯🤜🤛✅
  17. My pc just got literally FASTER than i expected , thx you !
  18. Thank you so much. It worked
  19. Nice

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