How to Speed Up Windows 7

This video shows you how to speed up Windows 7. The methods shown in the video are completely safe and will improve the performance of Windows 7. The first two tips detail how you can free up your computer's resources by modifying the visual aspects of the Windows software. The last two tips deal with how to disable features or applications which are rarely used. By making the few changes recommended in this video, you will significantly speed up Windows 7.


  1. Bro....I love you... How did i never think about this.... Thanks a lot...its a very useful resource... :)
  2. Don't follow...
  3. It really works! Thanks.
  4. yoo it works it makes my pc faster thanks even if it is 6 years ago
  5. Windows 7 + this + an SSD = a happy me :-)
  6. My PC is SUPER slow...
  7. My computer is brighter than heaven now.
  9. 2019! , anyone here also broke as me?
  10. thanks.worked.
  11. Great video! It works! Thank you!
  12. great my coputer looks soo old thx alot u hameburger
  13. Thanks
  14. mm.. to give life to old machines, just add SSD and more RAM. It will speed things up a lot. Also, when using Windows, i use FolderChanger to increase my productivity overall, just to speed up my workflow as well. You will find it if you google for "folderchanger"
  15. Tnks bro it is useful
  16. its like window xp
  17. Thanks man!! Wow
  18. Excellent
  19. are u realy? whats a bullshit. Just clean with this
  20. when I went to control panel, programs and features, turn windows features on and off, I got the red X and "no such interface supported". any idea why?

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