Industry tips for transitioning into software architecture - Interview with Mark Richards

Software Architect Mark Richards discusses the attributes that a developer needs in order to transition into architecture. Richards also outlines the common mistakes that new software architects tend to make, as well as how established software architects can stay current. Mark Richards interviewed by Mac Slocum at Software Architecture NY 2016. Subscribe to O'Reilly on YouTube Read more about software architecture and microservices on O'Reilly Follow on Twitter


  1. I really enjoyed this video and it was full of insights, but there's a low end rumble in the background of the video that's driving me crazy
  2. 6.31 - The guy interviewing doesn't know what is strategy pattern and he also doesn't care (His face and expressions shows lol). haha but extremely good points from Mark
  3. Great insights! As IT is driving more and more of the business, in my point of view the role of an architect can make and break the sustainability of a business and it should be placed very close to the management, same as marketing to provide the possibility to play a political role.
  4. Don't neglect managing expectations!
  5. great
  6. Wow - this is such a great and insightful interview!
  7. Superb ! Very practical way to be an effective architect
  8. Nice thoughtful video
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