Intel Data Migration Software Walkthrough Tutorial for SSD Upgrades Linus Tech Tips This is a neat little tool you can use to migrate your data from your old boot drive to your new Intel SSD.


  1. Instructions unclear, I can't find the "any key" key.
  2. Worked on win 7, no luck on the horrible win 10
  3. FOR INTEL SSD'S ONLY people!!!!!
  4. does this software only work with intel ssd's
  5. What happens if you clone the drive and move it to another PC with a different MoBo, CPU and drivers?
  6. For me, this software is useless, since is incapable of cloning only one partition off the source disk.
  7. Would this work with non-intel ssd's?
  8. No, youd just copy and paste all your actual files to an external or something, move steam install, program exes. That what i did anyway
  9. yes, i beliee you can if you have less data than your migrating to the SSD. I think acronis 2011 and this program does nearly everything automatically
  10. yes, all ssds i believe
  11. yes
  12. Does this work for a Samsung ssd?
  13. Is it possible to migrate data from one HDD to an SSD array? I have a 500GB HDD and I'm wanting to to upgrade to SSD. Or is it best just to buy an expensive-ass 500GB SSD?
  14. linus! i need your help (: i got a intell ssd and im using the program and when i click on automatic i get a error :(
  15. Does this make a speed difference on going from non solid to solid state or is it just moving the partitions(like telling the pc it had a different drive type?)?. I think I remember there being a few settings to change if I was clean booting among them one enabling trimming.
  16. is it possible to copy just the os to lets say a 60 gb ssd withought copying any other files?
  17. That's because you need to format it, you need to go into the "Disk Management" tab in Computer Management (Start> Right Click on Computer> Manage). From the Disk Management tab find the Disk that has the right information to match your specific drive (it should also say Unallocated under the Disk Capacity). From there right click in the Unallocated space and click on "New Simple Volume," follow the steps and you should be able to see the drive. Hope this helps.
  18. Can I USE MY OCZ vertex 3 with this software??? (Is this intel only?)
  19. intel 520 120gb.
  20. My drive isnt even showing up in windows...

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