Jailbreaking & Rooting as Fast As Possible

If you aren't satisfied with the level of customization available with your Apple or Android phone at stock, are there legal ways to unlock more customizable features? Freshbooks message: Head over to http://freshbooks.com/techquickie and don’t forget to enter Tech Quickie in the “How Did You Hear About Us” section when signing up for your free trial.


  1. SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A FIDGET SPINNER!!!! Damn dude haha those hands move around more a tweaker after scoring some great ice...
  2. kinda a weak and lack luster explanation of jailbreakings full potential... The functionality is virtually endless and it can keep older generation phones current for years with new tweaks that are constantly added. I get it you are a fandroid as you put it, the whole warrantly thing is a joke and very misleading. Just update the newest patch and you iphone is completely back to normal.
  3. Jailbreaking and rooting is not illegal and, if you are based in the European Union it cannot void your warranty unless the manufacturer is able to prove that jailbreaking/rooting caused the problem
  4. I refuse to buy Samsung phones ever since I had my S4. After FINALLY finding a guide to root my device to delete the nearly 6GB(!!!) of bloatware on a 16gb phone, they forced an app download which re-locked my device and promptly reinstalled all the bloatware. Fuk you NFL mobile and fuck you Samsung. You will never make a phone I will ever want to buy ever again
  5. I assume rooting is as easy as connrcting a phone to a computer via USB then you can access the phone's filesystem more easily!
  6. I use my phone as a NAS
  7. You dont need rooting to change your interface. There are thousands of those types of apps...that dont use rooting!
  8. 2:33 I already jayle braoken my new android, but I can't turn it back on

    I think it's just sleeping :)
  9. So, to root ur device: u need to unlock boot loader, install twrp- mess up 1 thing and ur device may be dead
  10. I havent updated my android phone for a long time
  11. Call me tinkerbell :)
  12. jailbrakeing an iphone is like having a not rooted android
  13. Linus Theme android, sounds nice..
  14. Is my phone old? Cuz it runs Android 4.4.4
  15. you dont need to root to add theames on android
  16. I think people thinking they are being really clever talking about restrictive iPhones are. No s$&@! At least some of it is security. When you jailbreak a phone, you are assuming the responsibility that comes with it, something like using “sudo” or “root” in the terminal.
  17. You should take note, that some finance apps check for root/bootloader unlocking and wont work, cause security issues, blah blah...but then there are apps that hide it too.
  18. privileged*
  19. 0:30 Stole my joke >_>
  20. IS impossible to root my phone (Asus zb501kl ) Asus zenfone live navy black

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