Jailbreaking & Rooting as Fast As Possible

If you aren't satisfied with the level of customization available with your Apple or Android phone at stock, are there legal ways to unlock more customizable features? Freshbooks message: Head over to http://freshbooks.com/techquickie and don’t forget to enter Tech Quickie in the “How Did You Hear About Us” section when signing up for your free trial.


  1. Sitting on a rooted Verizon pixel 1
  2. Why can't we restore old ISPW's from apple, isn't there a hack for that?
  3. isheep

  4. How can i actually make my hotspot faster? I just dont get it..
  5. You know, I feel like Apple actually got a lot of it's ideas for features from jailbreak tweaks. It should go without saying that some of those features were also on Android. Night mode, recording your own screen, the installation of 3rd party software(well I guess that's the whole point) and keyboards, control center, a kind of notification slider, command prompt emulator for ssh, widgets, the ability to HAVE A BACKGROUND WALLPAPER because they didn't impliment until iOS 3 or 4, lockscreen camera shortcut, volume button camera shutter, battery percentage next to the battery icon, WiFi hotspot before it was officially available on iPhone, app switching gesture navigation. These are just a few things that were done first by the jailbreaking community. I have to say having been jailbreaking for a long time, going back to regular iOS really makes it feel like half a phone because it's capable to do so much more.
  6. Rooting basically allows you to use sudo. And yeah, jailbreak just gives Iphone features what unrooted phone already have. Android pro tip : If you have root, you have CWM or TWRP. Those things have backup feature for really good reason. Always backup your system before doing any kind of modification.
  7. Apple is lgbt with aids
  8. Can rooting get you to jail?
  9. Is it really an exploit that allows rooting? My phone's manufacturer has instructions on how to do it on their website...
  10. I would install a Linus theme
  11. Samsung has gone as far as to put a fuse into their Knox security chip that blows if you root a device with the chip in it. It voids your warranty PERMANENTLY and COMPLETELY disables Samsung Pay and Secure Folder. (Anything that stores encrypted data on the device is also disabled.)
  12. SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A FIDGET SPINNER!!!! Damn dude haha those hands move around more a tweaker after scoring some great ice...
  13. kinda a weak and lack luster explanation of jailbreakings full potential... The functionality is virtually endless and it can keep older generation phones current for years with new tweaks that are constantly added. I get it you are a fandroid as you put it, the whole warrantly thing is a joke and very misleading. Just update the newest patch and you iphone is completely back to normal.
  14. Jailbreaking and rooting is not illegal and, if you are based in the European Union it cannot void your warranty unless the manufacturer is able to prove that jailbreaking/rooting caused the problem
  15. I refuse to buy Samsung phones ever since I had my S4. After FINALLY finding a guide to root my device to delete the nearly 6GB(!!!) of bloatware on a 16gb phone, they forced an app download which re-locked my device and promptly reinstalled all the bloatware. Fuk you NFL mobile and fuck you Samsung. You will never make a phone I will ever want to buy ever again
  16. I assume rooting is as easy as connrcting a phone to a computer via USB then you can access the phone's filesystem more easily!
  17. I use my phone as a NAS
  18. You dont need rooting to change your interface. There are thousands of those types of apps...that dont use rooting!
  19. So, to root ur device: u need to unlock boot loader, install twrp- mess up 1 thing and ur device may be dead
  20. I havent updated my android phone for a long time

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