Learn 3 Useful PowerPoint Text Animation Tricks - Easily

Learn 3 useful PowerPoint Text Animation Tricks - step by step in this video tutorial. Sign up for 5 free animation tricks: https://www.presentation-process.com/5-powerpoint-animation-tricks-videos.html The tricks you will learn in this tutorial are: 1. How to animate a bullet point list one by one 2. How to dim a bullet point after it is animated 3. How to make a bullet point disappear after the animation 4.How to animate bullet points in reverse order These PowerPoint animation effects should help you make your next business presentation more effective. Make your bullet point slides more engaging by sequencing your points one by one. The tutorial is useful whether you use PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 versions. Text animation in PowerPoint is the most commonly used feature in business presentations. These custom animation effects should help you communicate your message with impact.


  1. Start to watch from 3:11
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  8. Thank you so much. I’ve been doing all 3 of these effects but I’ve been grinding it out by building each effect from scratch. (For example, having an additional text box with font color grey to fade in, covering the previous black text.) Can you imagine? Argh! (Sorry. That was a scream of frustration!) I’m so very happy to learn how easily I’ll be able to make these text animations happen in the future! You’re amazing!
  9. I wrote four lines in my powerpoint slide and i added animation but it applies for all lines together not one by one...please help me so i can do it separately.
  10. I"m having a problem creating the second and third technique in Powerpoint Mac 2016. In the Animations Pane on the Mac, there are only 2 options, corresponding to the first two tabs in the "effect options" pane in Windows. I can't find how to set the third set of options. Do you know: is this feature missing on the Mac for PPT 2016, or is there another way to access it? Thanks! My attempts to Google the answer have been unsuccessful.
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