Linux Mint 16 Tips & Tricks Part 1

This video is the first in a series of Tips & Tricks in Linux Mint 16 Petra. We discuss how to optimize SSD drives as well as change the kernel I/O scheduler...enjoy! Arch Linux Documentation: Debian Linux Documentation: Appreciate what I do? Grab me a coffee! Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Blogger: IRC: Freenode #ohheyitslou Steam: IDIefiant


  1. Hi
    This question is not relevant to this video (as I can’t find it).
    In that video, you were talking about poor audio quality in Ubuntu, and how to fix it. (Changing out some packages).

    I’ve been using Windows for the past few months, and when I switched back to Linux (KDE Neon) I noticed the difference in sound
    Do you remember what you did to get a better quality audio?
  2. i put sudo "update-grub 2 elevated" ??  and it worked i think
  3. is all this still relevant or has it changed any?
  4. Very detailed video, how do Linux Ubuntu and Linux Mint compare, it looks closer to Windows in style?
  5. How to find out if i have a solid state drive in linux?
  6. nice video ,thanks.
  7. Hi,

    I have a Gateway EC1805u laptop with a low end intel core 2 solo CPU SU3500

    HD videos on youtube are very choppy on windows 7 and chrome (I followed some custom tricks to get GPU acceleration enabled in chrome and it helped a lot, but its still choppy)

    Do you think installing Linux Mint will help video playback performance with HD videos on youtbe? 
  8. Great video, I love to learn new things now that I've fully switched from windows. I'm loving Linux Mint and hope keep learning more about this great OS
  9. Love the tips! Refreshing to hear more "under the hood" tips instead of the usual boring list of features that 99% of YouTube reviews seem to follow. Keep up the good work!
  10. Are there any tips and tricks for optimizing HDD Harddisk SATA. Or we can use the same procedure and options?

    Please please do reply.
  11. So Lou and everyone, I'm looking for a solid linux distro to move over to full time for 2014...would you say that Linux Mint 16 is the one I'm looking for?
  12. Thumbs'd up for you Lou, another great video. Mint is my favorite.

    I am running an LSI card with 8 of the 3TB WD Red drives but an SSD as my boot. Would I still do the grub edit if I have a mix of SSD and spinning drives?
  13. I'm running Antergos currently and my swap mount flag is default, not sw. What is the difference, and should I switch to sw?
  14. Hey! I have a problem when I'm powering on my computer with elementary OS. I get an error that says something like 'Cannot display in this video mode, change input display to 1440x900 @60Hz'. If I upgrade the system it's not going to logg in because my computer freezes and I can only see a black screen :( I'm now on Pear OS 8 and I want elementary OS! :( Please help me.
  15. Hey lou nice video .
    Can u explain how to optimize hybrid graphics(Intel +NVIDIA ) . something called as bumblebee , but I really didn't get it
  16. Does this mean that Linux Mint 16 is your new "Favorite Linux Distro Right Now"?   >:)
  17. Great video Lou. I've been running LM15 for the last couple of months and have updated to 16 today. I have an SSD in my laptop so I will definitely make the changes you suggest. I'm not too impressed with 16 so far though, especially has I had to switch from Chromium to Chrome just to get Flash working. 16 seems a lot more unstable and buggy too, especially Cinnamon. Hopefully the bugs will be ironed out over the next few weeks...
  18. Can you do a video on SSD cache via ext4 external journaling?
  19. well done, you are doing a great job, BTW which program you used to edit your videos?
    Thank you
  20. how do you get the mini terminal thing at the bottom of your screencast when you type man? Or what app is it?

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