Linux Netstat command tips and tricks

The video demonstrates the basic linux command description and demonstration for netstat command 1. Check all the interfaces on linux ifconfig netstat -ie 2. LIst out all connections netstat -a 3. List only TCP or UDP connections netstat -ut 4. Show numeric address netstat -unt List out only listening connections netstat -lnt Check out for established connections netstat | grep EST This video is part of free linux training project which comprises of linux training courses


  1. It was a good video except you didn't say what you typed in before the h and even in full screen I couldn't see what it so I guessed and it turned out to be a dash. You have to be clear when you're working with people who know literally nothing about Ubuntu. Even in spite of some little things like that, that keep you guessing for a while, when I consider that Ubuntu support is the most worthless thing I've ever seen, I appreciate videos like this one. I don't even go near Ubuntu support anymore. Calling them "support" is like calling Google "fair and balanced"
  2. thanks so much sir it helped me a lot
  3. Very good video
  4. doesn't show a single UDP or TCP in my case
    help ?
  5. Nice video.. Short and precise!
  6. Another amazing tutorial by this channel

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