Linux Tip: 5 Libre Office Writer Tips & Tricks

5 Libre Office Writer tips 1. Default File Format - Change to MS Word 2007/2013 Consider changing it so that LibreOffice saves new documents using Microsoft’s popular format instead: In the Tools menu, select Options. In the sidebar, select Load/Save, then General. Under the Default File Format section: Change “Document Type” to Text DocumeSppent. Change “Always Save As” to Microsoft Word 2007/2013 XML. 2. Speed up Libre Office if running slow In the Tools menu, select Options. In the sidebar, select LibreOffice, then Memory. Under the Graphics Cache section: Change “Use for LibreOffice” to 128 MB. Change “Memory per Object” to 10 MB. In the sidebar, select LibreOffice, then Advanced. Under the Java Options section: Uncheck Use a Java runtime environment. 3. Enable Auto Complete "Tools - AutoCorrect Options” and the resulting “Word Completion” tab. Ensure the checkboxes for “Enable word completion” and “Collect words” are enabled. 4. Use Calculator “View - Toolbars - Formula.” Enter an equation here and press enter to have the result promptly displayed at the current mouse position 5. Create Hyperlink Tool bars and select links. On doing so, you'll see a huge toolbar with 2 entry fields. The first one on is for the name of the hyperlink and the adjacent one is for the URL Please take a look:


  1. 3 and 5 are useful.

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