Lumia 540 Tips and Tricks

Checkout whats new in Lumia 540 with Denim & Windows Phone Update 2. Also tips and tricks for making the best use of the phone on daily basis.


  1. lumia 540 is blinking
  2. Plz help me
  3. I have started navigation bar from the setting and now my mobile stop working now what can I do
  4. I'm using is now and it is good to be upgraded to latest version of windows 10. It looks good way better then this shown version
  5. wechat is not available in this lumia
    how can i download this?
  6. I like that..................
  7. i m facing a problem in launching whatsapp on my lumia 540 windows 10 plz help me out
  8. android phone ko Microsoft bana sakte hai really Microsoft phone bana sakte hai to kese
  9. In my lumia 540 storage sense it shows 1.38 GB unrecognised files.How can I find & manage them?
  10. Is there ambient light sensor in lumia 540
    if there how to include it
  11. I have Lumia 540 and its battery is not charging above 3% and it is still showing charging when I connect it to my charger I have original charger of this device can someone help me what to do????????
  12. when is windows 10 releasing for lumia 540?
  13. can lumia 540 get feature Hey Cortana ?
  14. how to install app in lumia.......when i try to install app then it so that flymode should off....plz give some tip to install app in this lumia
  15. how do i activate black screen time on lumia 540
  16. That was a useful video.Thanks

    But there is a double tap to wake up option too......
    settings-extras-touch-wake up on/off
  17. bypass proxy ,where my bluetooth received files go tell me that

  18. 1.01 my phone doube taps to wake up lumia 540
  19. Ok. Got a Lumia 540 for me. It was little tough for me to select between 540 and 640. Both are similar. But 540 has snapdragon 200 processor with 5 MP FF camera; on the other hand 650 has 400 snapdragon processor with 1 MP FF camera. Also 540 is available in stores in India, but 640 is only available in online in India. Honestly saying I was little worried about 540. But after using it for 24 hours, I now feel happy and proud about it. Here are 10 points I liked about 540.

    1) UI is simple, smooth and useful. I like the way u can add any shortcut to the "Home menu/screen", means apps, contacts, settings. U can even create folder like favorite contacts, tools.

    2) I found most of the android apps in Windows. Yes, some of them are working little different here like Adobe Reader. But still u will not miss most of your apps.

    3) As long as link ur google account, u will get every contact in ur phone. It was a cool feature because u don't need to bring anything from android manually.

    4) Camera is awesome. Lumia camera apps are practical with many settings (like flash light control, ISO, whiteness setting etc). So, u do not need a third party apps for better photography.

    5) Found the contact, messaging and email apps far better and simpler. One thing I like is u can either merge different sim messaging and email account in single one or manage them differently. Very useful and practical.

    6) I really like the unique "Double tap" feature to turn on and turn off the screen. It saves you to reach to the "Physical switch" button and faster.

    7) The default MSN apps like NEWS, Weather, Sports, Money are really easy to use and very practical. Now I will not use any 3rd party app. (I appreciate the way u can set up the weather info as wallpaper in lock screen)

    8) All the apps runs very smoothly in 3G, No lag or slow image loading. Facebook is working great where as in my android phone, it frequently hangs or restarts.

    9) I really like the "OneNote" and "Office" apps. Very handy and useful. Now I don't think to get a 3rd party office suite or note taking apps for my phone.

    10) The Offline "Lumia Help+Tips" apps is the biggest surprise for me. I mean u don't go to utube every time to learn basic things about the OS. Everything is in this app.

    11) Last thing is battery life. Unlike my android phone, the battery is lasting long. Now I do not have to charge my phone every 3/5 hours.

    12) the SIM settings are really easy to set up. Call voice quality is clear and loud.

    Overall I am happy that I bought 540. I will not lie that I am facing some software and hardware issues with my android phone and fed up with them,. But now I have peace of mind. I will still use android as secondary tool occasionally. But now I am a windows phone user and own a better device with a better package. If you are looking for overall good package and productive tool than Windows phone is a better choice. MS must work on marketing campaign to enhance the image of a great quality product. Few years back Windows Phone has some major drawback, but it has evolved fast. It is time MS must play aggressive to market Lumia phones.
  20. Your videos are very useful. I really like them. As for me, I have some questions about windows phones.
    1) is windows phone also faces issues like over heating/ freezing or hanging screen like android? 
    2) In some android devices u can not install apps on the SD card without rooting. As apps are frequently updated, 4 GB or even 8 GB space fills up in months. This is very frustrating as we have to choose apps. So, what about the Windows Phone? can we install apps on the SD card?
    3} What about the file manager and transferring files from other devices? Is it possible?
    4} In android we have to run third party apps like Clean Master frequently to clean all those junks and cache files. So, Can we also do it in Windows also?
    Hope u will replay soon. Regards and respect.

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