Lumia 540 Tips and Tricks

Checkout whats new in Lumia 540 with Denim & Windows Phone Update 2. Also tips and tricks for making the best use of the phone on daily basis.


  1. Plz grance screen lock tricks
  2. M unable to install any app on my Microsoft Lumia 540 it's showing error code 805a0913.....m in great trouble kindly help me
  3. lumia 540 is blinking
  4. Plz help me
  5. I have started navigation bar from the setting and now my mobile stop working now what can I do
  6. I'm using is now and it is good to be upgraded to latest version of windows 10. It looks good way better then this shown version
  7. wechat is not available in this lumia
    how can i download this?
  8. I like that..................
  9. i m facing a problem in launching whatsapp on my lumia 540 windows 10 plz help me out
  10. android phone ko Microsoft bana sakte hai really Microsoft phone bana sakte hai to kese
  11. In my lumia 540 storage sense it shows 1.38 GB unrecognised files.How can I find & manage them?
  12. Is there ambient light sensor in lumia 540
    if there how to include it
  13. I have Lumia 540 and its battery is not charging above 3% and it is still showing charging when I connect it to my charger I have original charger of this device can someone help me what to do????????
  14. when is windows 10 releasing for lumia 540?
  15. can lumia 540 get feature Hey Cortana ?
  16. how to install app in lumia.......when i try to install app then it so that flymode should off....plz give some tip to install app in this lumia
  17. how do i activate black screen time on lumia 540
  18. That was a useful video.Thanks

    But there is a double tap to wake up option too......
    settings-extras-touch-wake up on/off
  19. bypass proxy ,where my bluetooth received files go tell me that

  20. 1.01 my phone doube taps to wake up lumia 540

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