MCPE How to FREEZE MOBS using magic sword in Minecraft 1.3! Command block trick

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  1. I love the intro
  2. It cant work
  3. sorry there's no h mistakw
  4. You didn't create this, you just copied Derphy jhomes
  5. Execute @p ~~~ execute @e[type=!player,r=10] ~~~fill ~1 ~2 ~1 ~-1 ~-1 ice
  6. Enchant @p sharpness 1 execute @p ~~~ execute @e[type=player,r=10] ~~~ fill ~1 ~2 ~1 ~-1 ice
  7. I used a similar command that kills them
  8. execute @p ~ ~ ~ execute @e[type=!player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ fill ~1 ~2
  9. Your my favorite YouTuber
  10. احلة
  11. Stop saying negative Stuff noobs
  12. I Want Ur Intro Sound
  13. It did not work out
  14. copycat
  15. Plz put the command in the description im litlery crying right now
  16. You copied derpy jhomes I just saw the desc derpy made it on March 24 and he made it on March 29 so he copied it
  17. execute @p ~ ~ ~ execute @e[type=!player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ fill ~1 ~2 ~1 ~_1 ~ ~ _1 ice
  18. Its ok if you copy it from derpy Jhomes

    But this is the real video:
  19. I want to download your map pls?!!
  20. OMG people, stop with this "Who copied Who" trash.... If he copied Derpy, Derpy copied from some other... I mean... It's a game!! Why do you guys even bother?!

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