Mi Box Android TV Tips and Tricks

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  1. Mi tv 4c32 gameg pad
  2. No multi stopping for programs in the background!!! Fuck mi box. This shit I'd trash. Sticking to fire sick
  3. Hi guys Is there anyway to get rid of the voice assistant on the Mi Box? Damn annoying. It's on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Please help thanks.
  4. How to configure DTH connected to TV with mi box
  5. Hi Does the Mi Box 3 or 4 support webcam for video calling apps like Skype, jellybean or hangout ?
  6. Bought a keyboard n mouse remote thing uses usb but can't side scroll in net flix help me
  7. My MiBox doesn't recognize USB drive anymore. Anyone have the same issue and is there a fix? It's the easiest way to add APK's to the box.
  8. Any idea why my mi box keeps popping up a Google play Protect when I try to dl an app and it keeps asking me if I want to install from source?
  9. 大陆mibox专卖 私我
  10. does anyone know how to switch off the mouse function on the remote control?
  11. How to connect USB drive?
  12. Can you ues a flashstick on a Mibox Android TV ? ¿
  13. there's only 1 trick for a mibox.. walmart has a 90 day return policy

    get the rootable/unlockable x96 off aliexpress and call it a day
  14. Good Video thanks. I‘m comming from Germany and on my Box is no Powerkey definition ? :(
  15. comic explained
  16. can you run a vpn app like hola and open an app in the box? or install an app outside of the store?
  17. There is no power key option on MI Box! How do I make sure that after clicking power button it switches off.
  18. Thank you very much, my screen did not display so i saw your video to change resolution
  19. Just got my first Mi Box today and was happy to find your video. However, a question, how/where can I find the MAC address so as I can subscribe to an IPTV server? Thank you in advance.
  20. Could I use an Nvidia Shield Game Controller with this box?

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