Microsoft Lumia 950 - Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks

A complete set of hidden features, tips and tricks for Microsoft Lumia 950 smartphone for improved productivity. ► Subscribe Now for Daily New Tech and Gadget Videos How to Use Battery Saver on Microsoft Lumia 950 to Improve Battery Life : How to Customize Action Center on Microsoft Lumia 950 : How to customize the Glance Screen on Microsoft Lumia 950 : How to Move Apps to SD Card on Microsoft Lumia 950 : How to Install Apps and Games on SD Card on Microsoft Lumia 950 : How to Setup and Use Driving Mode on Microsoft Lumia 950 : How to Use the Screen Magnifier on Microsoft Lumia 950 : How to Create Live Folder on Microsoft Lumia 950 :


  1. Great phones...disgusting service from a cynical and corrupt Microsoft with high likelihood of getting bricked at some point. The more expensive the phone - the more likely.
  2. Thank you
  3. Any good news ?
  4. Did you talked about Microsoft Lumia 950 or 950 XL to your friend...
  5. Thank you
  6. Do you have any friend who can reply my messages about this device?
  7. None had replied yet.
  8. You are the only youtube who replied to my comments
  9. Would you like to share it with me, 1 of your extra device..
  10. Hey do you have any extra device?
  11. Do you have any extra device?
  12. Do you use that device?
  13. Do you still have the same device ?
  14. Please test your Nokia 8 sirocco camera programs with lumia 950 (or 950 XL) . :((
    video rec: auto focuse
    video rec: manual focuse
  15. Thanks so much my Friend.
  16. Thanks for making this video. I couldn't listen, however, because the sound isn't good - it's only coming through one ear in my headphones
  17. great video! watched it twice. are there any other features that are not in this video?

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