Minecraft - 10 Helpful Survival Tips

This was one of my favorite videos to make. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it! Here's a couple hints for the secret annotation: It's somewhere between the two minute mark and the four minute mark, and, it's invisible. You'll only be able to see it once you mouse over it! Also, the annotation is around a certain block in the video. Look for the right block! Songs in order: Radioactive (Synchronice Remix) - Synchronice Check out Synchronice's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Synchronicemusic Retro City - Adventure Club You can check out Adventure Club at the following links: https://www.youtube.com/user/adventureclubdubstep https://www.facebook.com/AdventureClub https://twitter.com/adventuredub


  1. You can also use guerrilla tactics.
  2. you intro is cool
  3. Why would he say about mumbojumbo. Suspicious
  4. You probably have the most cringeworthy intro ever
  5. Who’s scrolling down here right after he said before going in the comments
  6. One of the best narrators i have ever heard!
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  9. That intro THOO
  10. My tip: get 22 pieces of cobblestone on the first day. The next make two axes, two pickaxes, a sword, and a furnace. Get one pickaxes and one axe and use them both untill they break. It's a great plan for me. 😉
  11. These Trix really nice. I already knew the first topic, but the other ones are really helpful
  12. 2:01 No longer works as of 1.13
  13. Right I give a 👎🏻 only because it's a bit plane and the intro was terrible
  14. Basic guide:
    First day go punch a tree, make a wooden cramp and get some stone. Make all stone tools minus the hoe. Make a furnace. If there is coal near you, mine it and make torches. Otherwise smelt some wood blocks and use charcoal instead. Make a lot of them, and then dig your way in the ground, and make sure that it is easy to move down and up in your mine (on the third day or so, make some coble stairs and stair your way down, as this will save you time and energy in the long run). Mine down to the bedrock, and count 16 blocks high from it, and there you can either strip-mine, or go full wither-mine. Organize your shit in tools and armour (double chest), food, stones (many chests), dirt-sand-gravel (and stuff that is cheap and dumb), expensive stuff, wood, fuel etc. Find potatoes, plant them and cook them for food - if you cant, get seed from the grass and plant wheat instead. Get some diamonds and a diamond cramp, and use it to mine obsidian, and use it to go to the nether and to craft an enchanting table. Use enchanted tools (at least), and make useful potions (optional). Now you are more or less good to go destroy the Wither and get a Beacon, and to go to kill the Dragon. Make a lot of farms if you want to build something expensive in survival. Servus...
  15. Hiop
  16. i found the secret annotation its at 2:51
  17. I really don't know how I got here. I was just watching the Pokemon movie.
  18. Second tip for lava and blocks that fall you use signs
  19. You Can Get Nether Portal By Placing Water, Then Quickly Placing Lava In A Portal Shape, Making Obsidian.

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