MINECRAFT - Gold Sword (Weapon Tips and Advice)

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  1. Gold Swords have 2 uses, as a looting sword for your spawners OR a Fire Aspect sword (only requires Lv1)
  2. should be able to melt it for gold - at least it would then have some use
  3. Since enchants set on the enchanting table until used, you can use the gold swords you loot from zombie pigmen to burn through useless enchants as well.
  4. Gold tools cam then recive stronger enchants compared to others witch makes them beast if the levels are high enough
  5. Ik the reason why gold swords r good... It's because u can swing faster with it and u get higher enchantment levels with it and also the pic and axe is faster than diamond
  6. The only time you would use a golden sword is if you're trying to look cool/rich to somebody else, either on a server or if your making a video. I don't know how you could recommend this at all...
  7. You can get one if you kill a zombie pigman. I got 5 of them in my world
  8. how could you recommend it at all :O i mean... realy? are there people that use golden tools or weapons XD ? you'd have to be an idiot to use it or recommend it at all...
  9. i like and hate this graphic pack 
  10. Good choise for spax!
  11. Dude are you like illiterate or something, the only reason I went into pickaxes is because that guy brought up some chart with them. I was initially talking about swords
  12. so swords mine now? or are you just pulling shit out of your as without reading what you said 20 minuets ago.
  13. pickaxes and swords are 2 different things... I was speaking about swords, that diagram is about pickaxes.
  14. except for, you know, that diagram that prove you're wrong. minecraft gamepedia com/Pickaxe#Speed_and_durabili­ty and you saying "speed? I'm pretty sure swords all have the same speed." but other than those facts, your reply is completely valid.
  15. I actually never said anything about them being the same speed... I said diamond mines faster than gold, which is truth. Whats your point?
  16. and that has what to do with your argument? You are like a little kid arguing with your mother abut a shirt that "doesn't fit" then when she makes you try it on and it fits, you start complaining about how you don't like the color. yes it has less durability than wood, which Katie said at the beginning of the argument. your whole point was the gold "could not be faster than diamond because they were all the same speed" also enchanted gold last longer than enchanted diamond.
  17. Ok, but it still has less durability than a wooden pickaxe.
  18. are you a fucking idiot? that last comment had the url as to youtubes comment limitations. minecraft gamepedia com/Pickaxe#Speed_and_durability
  19. Not true at all... diamond has better durability and with a vast majority of the blocks, better speed as well. Reference the URL and exact text on the page if you wish to prove yourself.
  20. there are over 100 blocks in fact 153. pickaxes are useful on only 40 block types. Of the 40 block types that pickaxes are used on, only 8 of them can not be mined with gold. Of the 32 types that can be mined with gold, the mining time on average is 30% faster than diamond. If you do not believe me just look it up on Minecraft wiki specifically Pickaxe#Speed_and_durability

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