► Minecraft: Level 50 Enchanted Sword! (MC 1.11.2)◄

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  1. There’s such thing????
  2. Level 50?
  3. First
  4. Holy god I got raped with nostalgia with that beautiful intro
  5. im just watching in 2018 and i never new he used to swear also amazing channel and content
  6. How does he have 1.11 in 2012
  7. 2018 bois??
  8. The good ol days when you didn’t have to use lapis to enchant
  9. I didn't even know you could even get higher than 30...
  10. ... dude... that’s just the LLLAAAMMMEEE way but p r i t t y t h i c c a n d c o o l but... the MOST koolest with a k is.... step 1. Get an anvil. step 2. Get EVERY enchanted book that it’s on its max and. Step 3. Get anything that is enchanible or item but don’t enchant then YET! Step 4. But the input and the upgrade plot enchanted books and as you can see... IT HAS A POWER WITH A POWER IN THE BOOK... step. 5 enchant then all step. 6 enchant with the HUGE chapter buck with the item and BAM!!! no hax but EXPENSIVE EXPERIENCE!!! enjoy your home made god sword lol
  11. Just hop into the version where lvl 50 enchantment still exist. I got Looting 3 Bane of Antropods 4 and Unbreaking 3

    Kill me please
  12. You are truthful person
  13. I watched this video year's ago now I'm subed to ijevin very recently saw this video in home screen what are the chances
  14. I got that same exact enchant a day ago and it took 30 levels lol 50s a waist of your time sorry to say Keep up the work on the vids tho
  15. still remember when enchanting took lvl 50 to max ?
  16. hahahaha, video made in 2012, says in the title 1.11.2. 100% legit. They totally didn't make this video before they completely changed the enchantment system in 1.8.
  17. When you could still swear on YouTube lmao
  18. well it 2018 now and 1.11.2 don't release at 2012!
  19. WTF!
  20. just use a enchanted book and an anvil in creative

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