► Minecraft: Level 50 Enchanted Sword! (MC 1.11.2)◄

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  1. Plz wash ur mouth im under the age of 15 watching this and u are cursing😢
  2. Jevin sounds like he’s just holding his nose
  3. Anyone watching in 2018
  4. Cheat
  5. Top 10 minecraft youtubers who've SWORN
  7. Do u know Ugandan Knukles?
  8. Why the heck is YouTube showing me this now?
  9. 2018 anyone
  10. 1.11.2?
  11. I miss the old intro.
  12. There’s such thing????
  13. Level 50?
  14. First
  15. Holy god I got smacked with nostalgia with that beautiful intro
  16. im just watching in 2018 and i never new he used to swear also amazing channel and content
  17. How does he have 1.11 in 2012
  18. 2018 bois??
  19. The good ol days when you didn’t have to use lapis to enchant
  20. I didn't even know you could even get higher than 30...

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