Minecraft PE: How to make an OP SWORD! |command block


  1. im 710 subcriber :D plz pinn me lol thx if u did
  2. Explain how it work cause I cannot do that
  3. How to get a Command Block
    1. Set a world with Cheats
    2. Type in chat: /give @s command_block
    3. Place the Command Block in Creative Mode
    (Command Blocks only function in Creative Mode)
  4. Hey man, when I move to far away, it disappears, a way to fix this?
  5. If u add a repeater to the bottom command block,facing another command block,that effect will work too
  6. Sorry, but thats more t op
  8. l; Hmm hahahha
  9. Thanks for teachin me!
  10. I know how to do that but what about something like looting C or Sharpness C
  11. Mods??? :D
  12. Use this command make a useless sword make it give you blindness fatal poison instant damage
  13. 100 not fake
  14. Why no work? The first Command Block won’t set off the Comparator
  15. Lit.
  16. So cool!
  17. like a sonic sword (sonic the hedgehog makes you fast)
  18. Dude when u killer the zombie it dropped a iron ingot

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