Minecraft | PvP - Tips and Tricks | Swords (EP1)

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  1. How block it?
  2. It help a lot
  3. Nice intro!!!
  4. Who came here from mr beast
  5. Why does his sword go down when he blocks
  6. Omg your accident has changed so much 😆😆
  7. which server is that? not the hive the other 1
  8. How to block hit?
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  11. Who's watching in 2016??😭
  12. What server
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  14. First!
    Great vid!
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  16. Great! That's awesome you helped so much!!! The thing is could you help I want to practise and improve but for some reason when I loose I get SOO mad I rage quit and I never get to actually practise propely
  17. You forgot about one aspect of the swords: the knock back! all swords have the same knock back, so it doesn't matter which sword you use. When you are going melee weapon-on-melee weapon, you should try to move left or right at last second and hit them while sprinting. That way, you can send him flying and make him take fall damage and be unable to hit you back at the same time! awesome!

    Once you sent the enemy flying, you can sprint-jump to them and hit them again as soon they take fall damage. If an enemy uses ranged weapons such as bows & arrows or a fishing rod, then you need to do as little knock back as possible.

    That concludes my very long speech.
  18. almost 100k subs
  19. omg his voice in 2013

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